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Slaves dominated by shitting mistresses

Mistress Gaia's friends wanted her to try scat fetish and she did not think she could. But they pushed her and made her want to do it. So she agreed to give it a try and she gave it her all. She was shocked that it was easier than she had imagined even though she felt sorry for the guy she had to shit on in order to prove to her friends that she could do it.

Mistress Wael helped her boyfriend make a lot of money but he was stingy even to her. She could not believe it and she especially did not understand why he had the scarcity mentality. So she went out of her way to make him eat her shit as well as drink her pee. He was shocked why she did that and she explained to him why she did until he apologized.

Mistress Mia was pissed at how casual and careless her slave was and she felt that he deserved to be humiliated for him to take his job seriously. So the mistress used her scat fetish to torture him and by the time she was done shitting on him, he confessed that he had dropped the ball a bit and would change and work harder than he had been doing before.

This guy thought that it was cute to be an eavesdropper. It was his guilty please as he was also a gossiper but he eavesdropped on the wrong bitch today. It was especially bad since she was having a bad day and was in a foul mood. So she took out her stress on him as she turned him into a scat slave and she even gagged him with her hand in his mouth and ass fucked him with her strapon.

Madam Tulpan had never been with someone who was so poor in bed that he nearly made her vomit. Her pussy dried up completely and she regretted why she had let him smash. He had everything going for him until they got to bed. She wanted to forget him and at the same time make him improve his sex skills and she did both of these using scat femdom whereby she made him eat her poo.

Mistress Gaia did not want to leave her husband but she knew she could not tolerate the fact that he was unreliable. So she had to send a message in a format he would understand as she had tried to talk to him and make him understand that she did not like his unreliability but he did not change. He did after she turned him into a human toilet and had him eat her shit.

This guy had a crush on mistress Mia because of her sexy round ass. He wanted to tap it and he thought that by openly admiring and complementing it, he would entice her into letting her give it to her. But instead of her letting him smash, she turned him into her scat slave and she had fun at his expense as she made him eat her shit and lick her asshole.

When this nurse was rude to mistress Wael, she did not make a big deal out of it. She waited for him to go home and she punished him there. She did it at his own house so that he learned that he could not treat people the way he had done to her. The mistress made him eat her shit and it did the trick. He was never rude to anyone else after that.

This intruder knew that this mistress lived alone and he knew that he would scare the shit out of her if he did. But he had made a major blunder as he soon found out because she was not your average woman. She knew how to immobilize a person and she did it to him and she then turned him into a scat eater. And she recorded him as he ate her poo. Needless to say, he never intruded again.

Madam Tulpan likes to deal with only reliable people and when she realized that she was dealing with this guy who she could not rely on, she knew she had to give him a piece of her mind on the subject of reliability. So she turned him into a human toilet and she had him eat her poo and drink her pee. He also had to use her shit as lube to jerk off.

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