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Slaves dominated by shitting mistresses

Mistress Nica wanted to take on this bully and teach him a lesson. That is why she had to dominate him with her shit. The mistress did not not care what he felt and she used her shit to dominate him because he had also been giving a lot of grief to other people. It was time he got a taste of his own medicine as he had refused to change.

Mistress Haley secured another house and then decided that she wanted to teach her ex landlord a lesson. She went back to his house and when he opened, she pretended that she wanted to talk to him but in real sense, all that she wanted to do was to shit on him which she did. He then had no choice but to eat her shit and lick her shitty asshole.

This guy had the audacity of wanting to sleep with mistress Gaia when it turned out that he had a small dick. The mistress could not understand why he wanted to do so and she felt that it was up to her to remind him that that was not ok for him to do. That is why she went out of her way to force him to eat her shit.

Mistress Wael does not like weak guys and she felt that this guy was weak. She had to dominate him in a way to motivate him to stop being a shit slave. The poor guy was turned into a shit slave and he did not have a choice but to promise to improve himself and the things he did in order to stop being weak. He knew there was no other way out.

Mistress Natalia did not know many of her neighbors. One of them had lied to her about his marital status and they had slept together. When she found out that he had lied to her, the mistress forced him to eat her poo and to drink her pee. She never wanted to hear him cheating again and he never did as she had promised to make sure he would live to regret it.

When this mistress realized that she was dealing with an unpleasant customer, she ensured that she had her bases covered. She treated him well and served him well. But when he disrespected her and tried to be nasty to her, she snapped and she changed. He was turned into a human toilet and he had to eat her shit for him to know that such nonsense was not acceptable to her. She had lured him to a nearby place for the punishment.

This guy thought that being caned while tied was the only thing that this mistress was going to do to him. But he was dead wrong and she had to punish him. The mistress made him eat her shit when she was done caning him and that was when he realized that he was dealing with a mistress who was not going to be easy to deal with. He had to beg her for her to stop it.

Mistress Bastienne needed to dominate this guy and she did so using her shit. She felt that she needed to pass a message and she did it by cruelly shitting on him. He had to learn his lesson and he had to feel the degradation deep in his soul. That is how he got the message that the mistress was trying to send to him and he changed his ways.

Mistress Tulip needed answers from this guy and she was pissed that they were not forthcoming. That is why she was pissed and she had to ensure that he learned his lesson cruelly for him to change and do the right thing. The mistress turned to scat femdom to deal with him and she made sure he was degraded by forcing him to eat her poop and drink her pee.

When mistress Yana and mistress Kristina wanted to find a suitable punishment for this guy and they felt that the best way to do so was to shit on him. He was stripped naked by the mistresses and he had no choice but to eat their shit and have it smeared all over their bodies. The poor guy had no choice but to do all that the mistresses wanted him to do.

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