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Slaves dominated by shitting mistresses

Mistress Anna wanted to put an end to the nonsense that she had noticed that her slave was full of. So she went out of her way to make sure that the loser ate her shit and that he learned his lesson the hard way. That is how the mistress forced the guy to eat her poo and drink her pee. He regretted what he had done as the punishment was worse.

Mistress Gaia had tried her best to motivate her slave and to get him to stop the nonsense he had. But he did not listen to her and he messed up even further as he now ignored her on top of being lazy. The mistress cruelly turned him into a human toilet and she forced him to eat her shit. He was scared shitless as he went through that punishment and he realized that he had to change.

Lady Yuna had a classmate who was full of shit. And just as she wondered just how full of shit he was, she realized that shit was the best thing to use to punish him since he was full of it. And so she lured him to her house where she forced him to eat her shit as well as to drink her urine. He had no choice but to do as told.

Mistress Mia felt that the best thing to do to this guy was to facesit on him. But as she did so, he kept fidgeting and she did not like it. She let him off the hook but he talked badly and she was shocked as he did not seem to have learned from her facesitting. So she went back and she made him eat her shit and this time, he learned his lesson.

This guy had tried to steal from madam Tulpan and he regretted it as she came out to punish and torture him for what he had done. The mistress used her shit to degrade him and he not only had to endure the smell, but he had to eat her shit as well. And that was when it dawned on him that he had indeed fucked up. He had held the mistaken assumption that she would be easy on him.

Mistress Wael was not going to let her slave misbehave so she used her strapon to deepthroat him. And it was not your average deepthroating as she used a huge dildo to do it. When he was done, the mistress made him eat shit directly from her toilet. And before she was done with him, the mistress ass fucked him for good measure. He never pissed her off again after that.

Mistress Gaia had tried many methods to punish this guy but she did not succeed in changing him for the better. She had no choice but to try a different way to deal with him. When she learned about scat fetish, she felt that she had to use it so she put it to test and she was shocked at how effective it was as it worked and made him change.

This mistress was tired of how her baby daddy skipped on his responsibilities and let her do the heavy lifting. She had to make him step up for his kid and this was not negotiable for her. And that is why today she made him eat her shit and drink her pee. He learned his lesson the hard way and he never missed to take responsibility and be there for his child.

Mistress Anna had beef with her neighbor and she made sure that she sorted him out so that he learned to fear her and respect her as well. The mistress cruelly ensured that happened by forcing the guy to eat her poo. And when she was done with him, she made him lick her asshole clean before chasing him from her house with a warning that she would not tolerate any more messes from him.

Mistress Mia was in the mood to dominate and get some revenge while at it. That is what she did to this guy. She was of the opinion that she needed to dominate this loser so that he would never think of doing what he had done again. That is why she used her shit to dominate and humiliate him. As he ate her shit, he realized that he had to stop what he had done that led to his degradation.

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