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Slaves dominated by shitting mistresses

Lady Shay needed this guy to do some work for her but he did not do it as well and as fast as she wanted him to. She was disappointed in him and she had to punish him for the slow action and slow progress. She did this by shitting on him so that he realized she was not messing around. He had to change and he did after that punishment.

This guy was full of lust and he wanted to fuck this mistress. He even told her all the nasty things he wanted to do to her. She listened and laughed at what he said and she took him back to her house. He thought he had managed to win her over but he was shocked at what the mistress did to him as she made him eat her shit.

This mistress noticed that her slave was moody and she asked him what the matter was so that she could help him out where she could. But the guy did not say anything and he appeared rude. She got pissed and she pooped on him to make him stop being moody for no reason. And the mistress humiliated him so that he did not make that behavior a regular habit.

Mistress Anna was fed up trying to motivate this guy but he did not seem to pay any attention to what she told him. He felt as if he was doing her a favor but she wanted to show him that he was not doing it for her but rather he was doing it for himself. So she forced the guy to eat her shit so that he would understand.

Mistress Mia did not like how jealous this guy was of her. He wanted to achieve what she had achieved through sheer luck through dubious means and she did not want to see all her hard work go down the drain because of the jealousness of this guy. So she put an end to it by shitting on him. He learned that she was not going to sit back and watch him spoil what she built with sweat and tears.

Mistress Medea had starved her subscribers of a kinky video and she chose to give them one today as they had been asking for a long time. So she looked for a loser and she paid him to endure the things she did to him. He was broke so he agreed easily. The mistress turned him into a toilet slave and she fed him her shit for her subscribers to watch and enjoy.

Mistress Jardena had gone to great lengths to get this guy an opportunity which he squandered. She was not going to let him think it was ok to do what he had done. So she ensured that she punished him and she did it in a way he would never forget. So he had to eat shit so that he went out in search for another opportunity like the one he had squandered.

When this guy thought he could order this mistress to give him food, he ended up pissing her off and the mistress humiliated him for it. She used her shit to put an end to his nonsense and she forced him to eat her poo for dinner. The mistress told the guy that that was the food he wanted and he had no choice but to eat all of it.

Mistress Zephy wanted to test this guy and she felt that the best way to do so was to use her shit. She used her poop to torture the guy and to test him. The mistress took a video of how he did it and when she was done, she reviewed how he did it all and how he reacted it. The mistress knew he could easily handle it as he was not very grossed out.

Lady Scarlet noticed that this guy was slow and she did not want to be an enabler to him. She felt that she needed to dominate the guy using her shit and make him regret why he was slow. And in so doing, the mistress knew that she would make the guy change since he did not want to be tortured and humiliated again especially using shit as it was degrading.

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