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Slaves dominated by shitting mistresses

Queen Siya is the kind of person who does not like anyone to mess with her and when she realized that this guy was hell bent on doing that, she had to deal with him because he had refused to stop as she had told him to. The mistress had diarrhea right at the time the guy messed with her and she used it to feed the guy to teach him a lesson.

Mistress Medea needed to dominate this guy and the best way she knew how was to shit on him because she wanted instant returns. So the mistress had to shit on him as well as degrade him and she did it in a way he would never forget. The mistress had him eat all of her shit and drink her pee as well as endure being ball crushed. She got the help of her friend to do all of these things to the tied slave.

Mistress Madison loves to do things to prove a point. Today she wanted to prove this guy wrong so she did it but he did not want to agree with her. He kept shifting the goal post so she got pissed and she made him eat her shit to prove yet another point that she would not let him take her shine away. As he ate it, he stopped his shenanigans and congratulated her deservedly.

Mistress Gaia was driven to the wall by her boss and she could not contemplate working for him anymore. So she did what she had planned to do all along which was to quit. But not before she had turned him into a toilet slave and she had fed him poo. He regretted how unfair he was to her but she did not care about his change of heart and quit.

Mistress Milana had just taken a shit on her slave and she wanted to get her asshole clean. That is why she had to ensure that she made this slave lick her asshole clean. She did not want to use toilet paper and instead she used his tongue for that purpose. The poor slave was degraded and he looked defeated as a result of what the mistress did to him.

Mistress Medea liked to degrade people and she chose to dominate this guy by shitting on him. The mistress felt that the guy deserved to be put in his place and she was sure that her shit would do him some good. That is why she chose to make him a human toilet and feed her shit. The mistress got him to lick her asshole as he ate her shit.

Mistress Wael felt that this guy was overambitious and she felt that it would ruin him. So she sat him down and she talked to him but he did not want to listen to her so she had to save him from himself. That is why she opted to shit on him and then feed it to him. He also had to lick the shit from her asshole as he was her human toilet paper.

Mistress Madison can stomach a lot of things but she cannot stomach disobedience. That is where she drew the line and she had to act. The slave was new and he had to be dealt with and tamed so that he did not continue to disobey her. So the mistress acted by forcing him to eat shit as well as ass fucking him with a strapon. It was very painful.

Mistress Gaia laughed when this slave acted as if he was tough and he could resist whatever she did to him. He pretended that he was not affected by what she did. However, that was not true and she had to make him realize it was not true. The mistress felt that the best way to do it was to make him eat shit so that she could see how he handled it.

Mistress Nemezis had tried to look away as this guy annoyed the crap out of her and others. The guy was given hints that he was annoying but he seemed to enjoy the effect he had on other people. The mistress did not like that very much and she felt that she had to do something since no one else seemed to do it. So she took him aside and she made him eat shit.

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