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Mistress Wael wanted to give her husband a crazy orgasm. It had to be one he would remember for the rest of his life. So she planned it carefully. The mistress used facesitting, shit, choking and a handjob to do it. She facesat him and choked him as she did it. Then she gave him a handjob as she shit on him. The combination was too much for him and he came like never before.

Mistress Lola did not want her company to suffer because of demoralized staff. She learned that there were many issues and many of them came from the HR. The guy she had put there did not do a good job and he was demotivating instead of motivating staff. He was also biased. She was shocked to learn this and she not only fired him, but she also made him eat scat.

Madam Tulpan asked her slave to eat poo but he refused. He wanted to know why she was asking him to do such a gross thing. She told him why and he saw he deserved to be punished but he did not want to eat poo. Since she was not negotiating with him, she chose to trample him with her high heels and forced him to eat the shit. He also had to lick it from the soles of her boots.

Mistress Medea and her friend mistress Yara hired this electrician to do some electrical works for them but he did not meet their expectations. He took way more time and he had to redo the work quite often. He was taking more time and more money so the mistresses chose to punish him. This was done by shitting on him. But they did this after they had played with his dick a little bit.

Mistress Mystique spanked her slave because he had been misbehaving. She then had him lick her ass before she made him eat her shit. Her friend came to visit and she was interested in what mistress Mystique was doing and they both dominated him and made him eat their shit. He was scared shitless and he had to obey them to avoid being tortured further because he knew they were capable of worse.

Mistress Madison and her friends are not as evil as the other mistresses. They wanted to try scat femdom but they did not want to do it at the expense of someone who did not deserve to be made to eat poo. So they paid this guy instead and had him eat their shit. He did it because he needed the money and the women were also hot. So he got to check out their asses and pussies.

Mistress Wael learned that this guy had engineered her breakup with her man because he had been feeding him false narratives about her. She had to punish him and she did it by shitting on him. The mistress told him never to do that again if he did not want to be degraded and the poor guy agreed with her and apologized for what he had done to her and her relationship.

Mistress Mia loves to show off her moves and today she was showing off her scat moves. She felt that she was not getting the credit she deserved with her moves and that is why she opted to show off her huge ass and before she was done, make a guy eat her shit. The guy was shocked as to why he was being made to eat poop but the mistress did not explain anything.

Madam Tulpan had never been with someone who was so poor in bed that he nearly made her vomit. Her pussy dried up completely and she regretted why she had let him smash. He had everything going for him until they got to bed. She wanted to forget him and at the same time make him improve his sex skills and she did both of these using scat femdom whereby she made him eat her poo.

When this nurse was rude to mistress Wael, she did not make a big deal out of it. She waited for him to go home and she punished him there. She did it at his own house so that he learned that he could not treat people the way he had done to her. The mistress made him eat her shit and it did the trick. He was never rude to anyone else after that.

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