Scat Femdom Videos

Slaves dominated by shitting mistresses

Mistress Melania knew that this influencer had been paid to attack her brand and she did not mind it as long as he learned to use the truth to do it. What she did not want and she knew she could not tolerate was use of falsehoods to do it. And that is why she hunted down the influencer and she filled his face and his mouth with her shit.

This male socialite thought that he could just do whatever he wanted and get away with it because he was famous. Mistress Gaia was angered by his attitude and by how he made some not so nice remarks about her which were all false. She stood up for herself by shitting on him and she ensured he ate all of her shit and that she caught it all on tape.

Madam Tulpan did not like this guy and she had to show him how much she despised him. The best way for her to do that in her opinion was to shit on him and then have him lick the shit like it was ice cream. It did not take her long to do that after she had stripped him naked. He was scared shitless and he licked the shit like instructed.

Mistress Anna loves to do naughty and nasty things. And her friend mistress Alice wanted to get in on the action so she agreed and let her get a scat femdom experience. The mistresses summoned a slave and enjoyed shitting on him while one of them smoked and the other whipped him. It was fun and they managed to fill his mouth with their shit which he also had to chew.

This guy was a multilevel marketer and he was trying to get her to join his multilevel marketing gig. She felt that it was a pyramid scheme and she did not want to be a part of it. That is why she forced the guy to eat her shit and drink her pee so that he would never want to talk to her again about any of those pyramid schemes.

Mistress Gaia wanted her ass to get the justice it deserved. That is why she went out of her way to get an expert in ass licking as her slave. She then had him eat her shit and lick her ass as well as he could and she could not believe that she had never tried that before as she was feeling things she wished she had felt much earlier.

Princess Nikki felt that this slave was making a fool of himself and as a result he had to be punished. The mistress did not care what he did and what he felt. All she knew was that he had to be tortured and dominated and she did it without thinking twice. She forced him to eat shit and that is what finally got him to change and become a better person.

Mistress Melania had to teach this guy a lesson because he was a deceptive person. She felt that he had to lose that habit and that is why she used her scat fetish to punish him. The guy cried at what she did to him and she knew that he had learned and that he would not be repeating the mistake he had made any time soon. He did not.

Mistress Gaia was worried about what her slave was plotting. As she brainstormed over the issue, she got an idea of what he was planning. And she had to scuttle those plans. The best way to do it in her opinion was to shit on him and she did it without thinking twice. The mistress had a great time at his expense and she was successful in scuttling his plans.

Madam Tulpan had a disagreement with her slave and she used that chance to punish him. She did not like how he disagreed with her and she felt that the best way for her to punish him was to shit on him. She also had her pee ready and her high heels to add on to the punishment. Lastly, he had to lick her asshole clean and was her human toilet paper.

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