Scat Femdom Videos

Slaves dominated by shitting mistresses

This is the first part of an extensive series of very cute scat queens who line up to shit in this scat slave's mouth while he is relaxing in a jacuzzi. The first girl is the gorgeous young scat princess Merica. She bends over with her sexy naked ass hanging over the edge of the hot tub. Her turds drop right into the slave's mouth and he can barely chew it.

This young girl knows that she is cute enough to get a guy to do anything for her. Her idea of a good boyfriend is one who lies down while she pisses and shits in his mouth. He lies under her toilet seat with his mouth right under her asshole. She pushes out a giant turd right into his mouth and it starts to cover his face. He better hurry up and chew.

You can only imagine the smell of this shit factory. They also specialize in piss. They have multiple girls shitting and pissing. The piss goes through tubes and is deposited in huge bowls of urine. Several girls lie in a row with their assholes in the air and shit out turds that are then made into scat pate. This factory is a scat fetishist's dream because of the accumulated female shit and piss.

Dominating scat queen Mistress Isabella stands over her submissive scat slave in black latex and knee high boots on. She makes him lie there humiliated while she squats down right over his mouth. Her sweet and tight asshole spreads open and a long turd is pushed out into the slave's mouth. He has to chew on the smelly turds because they are filling his mouth and covering his face.

Mistress Gaia's girlfriend was nice enough to cook her a nice meal, but the meal did not agree with her. It made her feel like she had to take a really messy shit. Mistress Gaia punishes her girlfriend by making her lie in the floor while she shits in her mouth. The nipples on her small tits are erect as the smelly and messy turds fall in her mouth and on her face.

Drop dead gorgeous young brunette scat queen Scatha is going to show you what it's like to be her toilet slave. She shows you her toilet seat that she wants you to lie under. Lie on your back with your mouth facing up toward the toilet seat. She pulls her pants down and spreads her asshole right over your face. It opens up and a huge turd drops into your mouth.

Gorgeous scat queen Lady Missy is hanging out with her girlfriend in the garden shed. They don't have a toilet to shit in, but luckily Missy's scat slave is there to help them out with that. The two beautiful ladies take turns hovering over him and shitting right into his mouth. He chews it up and swallows it so it doesn't fall in the floor and go to waste.

Scat princess Nicole Bitencurt has a sweet slave girl who loves to eat her shit. It's humiliating but she still enjoys eating every bit of her shit. She sucks the scat off her toes, eats the shit out of her ass and gets it stuffed in her mouth until it is overflowing. The dominated slave girl has to chew and swallow the shit because Nicole has more for her to eat.

This horny scat goddess is making her slave eat her shit when she starts getting really horny. She gets shit all over her fingers so he sucks it off. She loves it that her scat slave really likes the taste of her shit. They make shit eating look intimate and romantic and even end the scat session by taking a shower. The shit is all over them, especially the slave.

Beautiful young girls Diana, Marie, Chrystal and Samantha are waiting for the bathroom and they hear some pervert making weird noises. They pull him out in the floor while they all stand around him. The turn around and pull their pants down and start shitting on him at the same time. The cover his body with shit and even make him eat it. These sexy girls really get off on this scat attack.

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