Scat Femdom Videos

Slaves dominated by shitting mistresses

Mistress Megan had a colleague she had to send a strong message and warning. The colleague was used to sabotaging her and he was also a snitch. He tried to put her down so that he could shine and she had had enough of it. So she had to make sure he learned never to do that again and that is why today she turned him into a human toilet when he tried to mess with her.

When this guy showered praises on mistress Medea's ass and told her how she wanted to lick it and fuck it, he thought he thought he would turn her on but he did not. She was intrigued all right and she let him lick her ass and made him eat her poo, which was not part of the plan. She also made him pay her for what she did to him.

Mistress Mia had some genital discomfort and she went to the doctor where she was told she had an STD. She was given antibiotics and told it would clean in a few days. She went back to her lover and she fed him shit for that because he was the one who had infected her with the STD. She was so pissed at him that she ended the affair they had after that.

Mistress Gaia had a fling with her neighbor but she was pissed as he did not satisfy her. It did not make sense for her to have an affair with someone who did not satisfy her so she had to make him realize that and she did this by forcing him to eat her shit. This is after she had facesat him. He upped his game considerably after that wake up call.

Mistress Medea and mistress Gaia had slaves who had delusions of grandeur and they were tired of it. At first it was cute as they thought that they were putting on a show for them. But they realized that they believed that and they got concerned. The slaves needed to be brought down back to earth and so the mistresses used scat femdom videos to do that. As they fed the slaves shit, the slaves opened their eyes and realized they were just slaves.

Mistress Mia loves to always get her way. She wanted something but this guy tried to stop her from getting it. He did not know who he was messing with and that is why she used her shit to punish him. He was humiliated and when she was done with him, he let her have her way. He wished he had let her do what she wanted in the first place.

Mistress Madison had not planned to shit on this guy. All she and her friend had planned to do was to scare him, probably pee on him and that was it. But she felt like shitting while they were punishing and peeing on him. The mistress then wondered why she could not shit on him since she was already peeing on him. That is how he became the recipient of her poo.

Mistress Medea had a slave who would not self correct which was her best way of dealing with slaves. She liked to point out an issue and then have a slave correct it on their own. But this one confused that with her not being able to punish him. She put that to rest today when she made him eat her shit for not self correcting. She was also shocked at how tiny his cock was.

Mistress Wael wanted to give her husband a crazy orgasm. It had to be one he would remember for the rest of his life. So she planned it carefully. The mistress used facesitting, shit, choking and a handjob to do it. She facesat him and choked him as she did it. Then she gave him a handjob as she shit on him. The combination was too much for him and he came like never before.

Mistress Mia wanted to try scat fetish and she had no way of trying it out as she had no slave and she knew her boyfriend would not go ahead with it. She also had no one to punish. So the next best alternative was to pay someone to eat it. She got someone and she had fun shitting on him after they had agreed on how much she was to pay him.

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