Scat Femdom Videos

Slaves dominated by shitting mistresses

Messalina was paid to punish this slave. She agreed and did it in style. She pooped on him and made him eat her shit. The whole of it and swallow as well

Since Messalina discovered scat fetish, she has never liked anything better. She likes to have slaves eat her shit. She enjoys how disgusted and degraded they are by it

Messalina has a scat fetish. She does not care about her slaves. All she cares about is that they eat her poop and swallow it

Messalina's toilet was broken down and she needed to poop. She took her slave and turned him into her human toilet.

There is nothing Messalina likes the way she likes degrading losers and slaves with her shit. She only needs a slight excuse and she turns them into her human toilets

Messalina does not like to waste her shit. She enjoys having it eaten by one of her slaves or one of the losers she usually likes to punish and degrade

Messalina was mad at this patient for not getting well. She had taken care of him for too long. She put him down and shit into his mouth in an effort to get him to get well soon and go home

Messalina likes to degrade her slaves. She does not hit, beat or trample them like other mistresses. For her, degrading them with her shit is worse and that is why she loves it

Messalina was left to take care of this invalid. But she turned on him and tortured him. She degraded him by making him eat her poop

These girls had discovered how fun and lucrative being a scat queen could be and they wanted in. They went for a training where they were shown practically how to be the best

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