Scat Femdom Videos

Slaves dominated by shitting mistresses

This beautiful woman is famous for doing things to her slave that can be considered extremely hard-core. She has never been a woman that isn't going to go all out when she is taking a dump on her slave. She will eat a great deal of food, because she wants to take the largest shit right on her slave and she also will force him to eat everything up.

This lovely woman is always going to be one of the worst when it comes to taking a shit on one of her slaves. She has absolutely no regard for any of her slaves and she also feels as though they deserve to be treated very poorly. She is going to push out a nice warm load of shit right on her slave. She is deeply amused by how pathetic he looks.

This woman can be very demanding when it is time for her slave to open his mouth. She has always been extremely brutal to him because he is such a loser and he always deserves hard-core punishment. She is going to make him eat her shit and she also is going to laugh right in his face, because she wants him to realize that he means absolutely nothing to her.

Lady Milena is so cruel and she also is very brutal when it comes time to make a slave eat her shit. She is going to make him open his mouth wide so that he is able to swallow all of the shit. She is laughing at how pathetic he looks with her shit in his mouth and she also thinks it is quite amusing to make him gag and choke.

Making sure that a human toilet is properly trained is always going to be a big deal. A lovely woman is going to take the time to make sure that she takes the ultimate dump on human toilet. She wants to cover his face and she also wants to humiliate him to the fullest extent and make him feel like a total loser that deserves a great deal of punishment.

Five mistresses are going to have a wonderful time as they are making special videos. They are going to each take time to shit and they are also going to show off all of their hard-core scat action. These ladies love to be as naughty as they possibly can and they also love to show off all of their talent when it comes to taking a nice crap in the toilet.

Bella is a hot mistress. She likes being picked by guys at the club and then going home with them. She tells them to lick her pussy and ends up shitting on them

When it comes to punishing slaves, this mistress takes the honors. She does not care what it is, if she thinks about it, she does it. This time it was making the slave eat her shit

This slave proved tough headed so the mistresses sought to bring him down a notch. They turned him into their human toilet and the degradation softened him

Messalina does not see herself as a mistress or scat queen. She sees herself as an artist. And her brush is her poo. She loves painting all kinds of things with her ass

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