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Mistress Dula loves to degrade people and that is what she was up to today. Today she was showing her friend and teaching her how to deal with losers. The mistress chose to use her poop to degrade the guy and to make sure that she knew what to do and how to do it. Her friend loved it and she knew the best way to go about it all.

Mistress Dula and her friend did not just want to shit on this guy, but they wanted to do something else and that was to fuck him in the ass using a strapon. That is what they did but it was not all. In addition to that, he was forced to jerk off as they did so and it was hard for him to do but they made sure he did it.

Mistress Dula had hooked up with this guy the day before and they had had a lot of fun. But the guy had forgotten her name and that pissed her off. She remembered his and most of what they had talked about the day before. That is why she was so angry at him and as punishment, she had him eat her shit. He was shocked but he had no choice.

After caging their slaves, mistress Dula and mistress Scarlet felt that that was still not enough punishment for the guys. The mistresses ensured that they trampled and humiliated the guys painfully for them to never be envious again. They smothered them and did all other things to humiliate them and it worked. When they let the slaves go, they knew the envy would no be repeated and they were not.

This slave was too whiny for mistress Dula's liking. He had been with her for sometime and he thought he knew her and he had her figured out. But he was wrong and he realized it when she used her shit to punish him. He could not believe it and he immediately apologized and promised never to whine again. He never did as he knew what would happen to him.

Mistress Dula had caged this slave in a small cage for him to feel cramped and to have his limbs hurt but she felt that it was not humiliating enough despite the fact that she had him naked on the cold floor. The mistress chose to make him eat her shit and it was after he had done so that the mistress felt that what she had done to him was enough.

Mistress Dula wanted to punish this guy for being corrupt and she ensured that he never did such a thing again. The mistress wanted to stop that habit for good and that is why she felt that the best thing to do to him was to humiliate him with her shit. So the mistress turned him into a human toilet and forced him to eat her shit as she watched and recorded.

Mistress Dula is not one to shy away from controversy or confrontation. This official was sleazy and he expected her to be threatened by it but she was not. Instead, she plotted how to make him get a piece of her mind. She did so when she turned him into a shit slave and had him eat her shit so that he learned his lesson in the hardest way possible.

Mistress Dula did not like the disrespect that this loser had shown her. She had to cut him down to size and she did this using her shit. The mistress asked him to jerk off but while eating her shit and smelling it. She also timed him and gave him a window within which to cum or else she would punish him cruelly. He had never been as degraded as he was that day.

Mistress Dula was fed up with her colleague messing with her and sabotaging her. She had to handle him today and she did so by taking her to the bathroom where she made him eat her shit as well as drink her pee. He could not believe what she did to him and he stopped trying to sabotage her so that she would look good to the management. The office became a happier place.

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