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Mistress Jardena is an easy going sort of girl and she loves to keep things simple. But today she did not like how these guys tried to take advantage of her simple and harmless looking nature to try and mess with her. She got so pissed that she turned on them and made them her human toilets. They had to eat her poo and drink her pee before she let them go.

This mistress was so pissed with her slave that she took a shit on him. She wanted him to eat her shit and swallow it but she saw that he had it in his mouth and was not swallowing it like she wanted. So the mistress took out her dildo and she used it to shove the shit down his throat. He nearly gagged as she did so but at the end he swallowed it.

Mistress Anna has a good punishment for conmen. She loves to pretend that she is gullible and to act as if she has fallen into their trap and she gets them to go to her house. And that is when she turns on them and she makes them eat her shit as punishment. The conmen are usually too scared to do anything and she has her way with them. Many never do it again.

This mistress had a problem with a stingy partner. She had thought that she could charm her way to his wallet but she found out it was not as easy as she had made it look. She became pissed at him for not changing and she had to punish him. And that is why she opted to make him eat her shit and smeared it all over his face before she let him go.

Mistress Karina wanted to make this guy a shit slave but she needed help. So she sought the help of her friend and both of them had a great time torturing and humiliating this scat slave. He was humiliated like never before as he was made to eat her shit as well as drink urine and he had no choice but to do everything the mistresses asked him to do.

This slave took everything easy. He had never been punished and everything happened at its time and he enjoyed himself. But unknown to him, the mistress had been studying him and as she had now concluded he could not change unless changed, she used her poo to change him. He found himself being used as a human toilet and he was made to eat her shit and he had no choice but to change.

Mistress Karina was not happy that her slave concentrated on video games all day and he forgot the important chores he was supposed to handle. She shocked him when she turned him into a toilet slave and as he ate her shit, she played his video games and enjoyed herself at his expense. Needless to say, that behavior ended immediately as he did not want to experience any of that again.

Mistress Jardena was not satisfied with the way her landlord addressed her concerns. He was glad to take her money but not address any of her concerns. He gave her fake promises and she got fed up. So she used her shit to dominate him and to get him to learn his lesson. He was made to eat poo and by the time she was done with him, she was sure all of her concerns would be addressed.

Mistress Leah felt that she needed to try things that she had never done before. And that is why she chose to try human toilet shitting. She was fascinated by it and she chose to do it the way she wanted. The mistress went and got herself a loser and she cruelly facesat on the loser. He had to eat her shit and when she wiped her butt after pooping on him, she made him chew the toilet paper.

Mistress Anna knew this guy was a bad influence to her boyfriend and she wanted to send a warning to him so that he learned not to influence her boyfriend negatively. So she facesat on him and she made him eat her shit after she had tied him up. She did not care that he saw her naked. He was shocked and he avoided hanging out with mistress Anna's boyfriend as he did not want such treatment again.

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