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When her brother in law had the audacity to hit on her, this mistress was pissed off and knew that he must be cheating on her sister. She did not want him to hurt her sister and so she had to deal with him which she did using her shit. The mistress forced him to eat her shit as well as drink her pee before she warned him against hitting on her or anyone else who was not his wife.

Mistress Ann wanted this guy to know that she was not the kind of person who was to be messed with. The mistress used a dildo as well as shit to do it. The mistress had the guy eat her shit and when he was done, she deepthroated him with her dildo. He had never been as humiliated and as degraded as he was that day. He got the message.

Mistress Nadja wanted this guy to make sure that he fucked her as well as she wanted. He had disappointed her before and that is why she chose to teach him a lesson. The mistress made sure that the guy licked her ass before she finally fucked him and let him give it to her. He was scared and he did not want to disappoint her so he did all he could to please her.

Mistress Medea wanted to enter into a scat competition so she had to make it very compelling. She used this guy who had a crush on her to do it. The guy was flattered that she wanted to do some naughty things with her and he agreed quickly without fully understanding what she was asking. That is why he was shocked when it turned into him having to eat poo.

Mistress Madison had a new slave and he found himself on the receiving end of some nasty shit. The poor guy had not even made any mistake as he had not even been there more than a few hours. But she made him a shit slave and she fed him poop. He could not understand why she had made him do that. But the guy did not know what else she could do he ate the poo.

Mistress Milana did not want this guy to think that she was scared of him. He had messed up and the mistress wanted to dominate him. So she did it the best way she knew how and she used her poop to do it. The mistress recorded what she did so that she would send it to others who tried to mess with her. The message was home and dry.

Mistress Dula wanted to punish this guy for being corrupt and she ensured that he never did such a thing again. The mistress wanted to stop that habit for good and that is why she felt that the best thing to do to him was to humiliate him with her shit. So the mistress turned him into a human toilet and forced him to eat her shit as she watched and recorded.

Mistress Medea was not happy at this guy. She was sure that he was involved in some things that she did not approve of but he refused. When she caught him red handed, she had to punish him in a way he had never been before. This was through cruelly shitting on him and the guy had no choice but to do what the mistress wanted. She then laughed at him as he ate her poo.

Mistress Milana was in a foul mood and she felt like doing some crazy things to this guy. The guy had pissed her off and it was time for him to be punished. That is how the mistress settled on using her shit to do it. He was turned into a shit slave and he had to eat her poo. The mistress did not care what the guy felt as he ate her shit.

Mistress Madison was trying to get her slave to be a better person in society but he was egocentric and he was not changing. She had tried to make him change for the better through soft approaches but they did not seem to work. So she had no choice but to do it the hard way. That is why she forced him to eat her shit and drink her urine while he jerked off.

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