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Slaves dominated by shitting mistresses

Mistress Ann did not like how her roommate took advantage of her good nature and did things that she did not like. The mistress was pissed off at him and she felt that the best thing to do to him was to shit on him. She did this but after she had facesat him and choked him a little. Thereafter he had to eat her shit and drink her urine.

This mistress was facesitting her slave as punishment. Part of the punishment was for him to lick her especially her ass as well as her pussy. He had to do it and the mistress enjoyed what he did. She waited until she came for her to unleash the humiliation she had in store for him. He was shocked when she took a shit on him and made sure he ate it.

Goddess Kitra did not want a slave who was too loud for her. She tried to raise her concerns with him for him to change but he did not and that pissed her off. She did it a second time and when he did not take any action about it, she knew she had to act and she did this by turning him into a human toilet and feeding him shit.

When this guy snitched, he did not count on getting caught. But he was and the price he had to pay was steep. Mistress Dula found out that he had snitched on her and she had to punish him which she did with her shit. She turned the guy into a human toilet and fed him poop. He tried to avoid it but she did not let him do so. He had to eat it all.

Mistress Sandra had tried her best to make her new slave act right and know how to relate with her but he ignored her and he did whatever he wanted. The mistress was not going to take it and she used her shit to turn him into a human toilet. He ate her poo and wished he had listened to her but it was already too late for him and he had to endure the humiliation he was put through.

Queen Siya is the kind of person who does not like anyone to mess with her and when she realized that this guy was hell bent on doing that, she had to deal with him because he had refused to stop as she had told him to. The mistress had diarrhea right at the time the guy messed with her and she used it to feed the guy to teach him a lesson.

Mistress Medea needed to dominate this guy and the best way she knew how was to shit on him because she wanted instant returns. So the mistress had to shit on him as well as degrade him and she did it in a way he would never forget. The mistress had him eat all of her shit and drink her pee as well as endure being ball crushed. She got the help of her friend to do all of these things to the tied slave.

Mistress Madison loves to do things to prove a point. Today she wanted to prove this guy wrong so she did it but he did not want to agree with her. He kept shifting the goal post so she got pissed and she made him eat her shit to prove yet another point that she would not let him take her shine away. As he ate it, he stopped his shenanigans and congratulated her deservedly.

Mistress Gaia was driven to the wall by her boss and she could not contemplate working for him anymore. So she did what she had planned to do all along which was to quit. But not before she had turned him into a toilet slave and she had fed him poo. He regretted how unfair he was to her but she did not care about his change of heart and quit.

Mistress Milana had just taken a shit on her slave and she wanted to get her asshole clean. That is why she had to ensure that she made this slave lick her asshole clean. She did not want to use toilet paper and instead she used his tongue for that purpose. The poor slave was degraded and he looked defeated as a result of what the mistress did to him.

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