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Mistress Madison had not planned to shit on this guy. All she and her friend had planned to do was to scare him, probably pee on him and that was it. But she felt like shitting while they were punishing and peeing on him. The mistress then wondered why she could not shit on him since she was already peeing on him. That is how he became the recipient of her poo.

This slave told his friends that he had mistress Gaia all figured out and that he could control her and get her to do what she wanted. He said a lot of bullshit and the mistress did not like it. She put him to the test and he did not know what she had planned or what she had discovered. But she recorded how she made him eat shit and he was not happy about it but there was nothing he could do about it.

This mistress had a new associate but he was indecisive and she did not like that about him. He was not a good fit for his role on account of that but he had already gotten that position and she wanted to give him another chance instead of firing him. So she scared him with poo which he had to eat for him to get out of his indecisiveness and do things as well as she expected.

This guy stalked this mistress online and when she noticed, she asked him to stop but he did not. In fact, he doubled his efforts and that infuriated her even more. She did not like that and had to put an end to it. Since he did not see the sense of what she told him, he had to see the one of what she did to him. And that was making him eat poo.

Princess Nikki and her friends were snitched on by this girl. Mistress Medea and mistress Madison suggested that they hunt down the snitch and princess Nikki agreed. They hunted him down and when they found out that it was this guy, he was forced to eat shit as a reward for his snitching. They told him they could not wait for his next snitching so that they could see what to do to him. He never snitched again.

Mistress Wael had differences with this guy but they were not easy to settle and they had remained unsettled for a long time. She knew that it was time to settle them and she did so using her poop. She settled them to him after she had forced him to lie down and eat her poo. He became amenable to a solution, something he was not before he ate poo.

Mistress Medea and mistress Madison found out that they were dating the same doctor. He had lied to them how each one of them was the only one he had and it turned out to be a lie. They had to punish him and they did it by mistress Madison luring him to her house where he was stunned to meet both of them and they subsequently shit on him.

Mistress Madison lost her money which she had invested after the advice of this Wallstreet executive. She felt bad and she had to get her money back as she did not have much of it despite working hard. When the guy sneered at her and told her its life, she snapped and she turned him into a human toilet. She made him eat her poo and swallow her spit before she gave him 3 days to send it to her.

This slave had betrayed mistress Fire and madame Ellen. They had to punish him in style and they wanted the punishment to be commensurate with the mistake he had made. The mistresses improvised a toilet and had him as the toilet bowl. They sat on the toilet seat and took a dump directly into his mouth and he had to eat it all. He was glad they peed on him as it made eating the poo easier.

Mistress Vivian did not like how her husband behaved and when she did her own investigations, she realized that the influence was coming from his friend. She did not like that and she had to ensure that he stopped being friends with that guy. But instead of telling him, she went to that friend and she made him eat her poo and told him to keep away from her man.

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