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Mistress Dula is not one to talk a lot. She prefers to let her actions speak for her. This guy did not know that when he pissed her off. He thought that she would be scared or would not do anything about it. But she did and he lived to tell the tale of what she did to him. The mistress had him eat shit and drink pee after turning him into a human toilet.

Mistress Haley did not want to use her regular toilet to punish her slave. She had to use an improvised one to do it. The mistress had a great time turning the guy into her human toilet as well as making eat her poo. He did not see it coming but when he realized what was happening, he was shocked until his mouth dried and he could not even say anything.

Mistress Ann did not like how her roommate took advantage of her good nature and did things that she did not like. The mistress was pissed off at him and she felt that the best thing to do to him was to shit on him. She did this but after she had facesat him and choked him a little. Thereafter he had to eat her shit and drink her urine.

When this guy snitched, he did not count on getting caught. But he was and the price he had to pay was steep. Mistress Dula found out that he had snitched on her and she had to punish him which she did with her shit. She turned the guy into a human toilet and fed him poop. He tried to avoid it but she did not let him do so. He had to eat it all.

Queen Siya is the kind of person who does not like anyone to mess with her and when she realized that this guy was hell bent on doing that, she had to deal with him because he had refused to stop as she had told him to. The mistress had diarrhea right at the time the guy messed with her and she used it to feed the guy to teach him a lesson.

Mistress Madison can stomach a lot of things but she cannot stomach disobedience. That is where she drew the line and she had to act. The slave was new and he had to be dealt with and tamed so that he did not continue to disobey her. So the mistress acted by forcing him to eat shit as well as ass fucking him with a strapon. It was very painful.

Mistress Gaia laughed when this slave acted as if he was tough and he could resist whatever she did to him. He pretended that he was not affected by what she did. However, that was not true and she had to make him realize it was not true. The mistress felt that the best way to do it was to make him eat shit so that she could see how he handled it.

Lady Scarlet wanted to advance her agenda and she felt that since this guy was a stumbling block to her ambitions, she had to humiliate him and scare the hell out of him. So the mistress turned the guy into a toilet slave and fed him shit. As he ate her poo, he realized she was ready to achieve her goals by whichever means necessary so he moved out of her way.

Mistress Medea had tried to rebuke and she had tried other methods to teach her slave a lesson but none of them worked. So she had to come up with a different way to do it. Her fiend mistress Estelle told her to shit on the slave and she felt it was a good idea and that it would work. She asked her friend to help her do it and they both made him eat shit.

Mistress Alice does not let anyone disrespect her and get away with it. That is what this guy did and he had to be punished for it. She was not going to let the guy get away with what he had done. That is why she opted to turn him into a scat slave and he had to eat her poo. She knew that by the time she was done with him, he would never disrespect her again.

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