Scat Femdom Videos

Slaves dominated by shitting mistresses

Messalina does not like to shit in normal toilets. She does not want to waste her shit. She wants to shit on slaves' faces and mouths. Then she makes them eat her shit

This guy knew that he was going to have fun with this hot mistress. But she ended up having at his expense by shitting on him and making him eat it

Messalina wanted to show this slave how worthless he was. She made turned him into her human toilet and shit and pissed on him

A mad mistress is a cruel and sadistic mistress. This mistress was angry at her slave and she pissed into his mouth and shit on his face

This mistress knows she is hot and guys cannot resist her. She then takes advantage and turns them into her toilet slaves

This slave was not lucky. Her mistress was out to humiliate him. She shit on him and smeared it all over his body. Then made her lick her asshole clean

Messalina was bored and wanted to have some fun. She called her slave and turned him into her human toilet. She had fun while he was disgusted, degraded and humiliated

Gaia wanted to feed her slave but she did not have food and she was lazy to go to the grocery store. She shit on a plate and gave him to eat

Lady Milena was tired of telling her slave what to do over and over again. She spoke to him in a language he understood. She shit on him and made him eat it

This mistress was mad at her slave and wanted to show him just how much she was mad. She shit on his face and smeared it with her poop

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