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This mistress was facesitting her slave as punishment. Part of the punishment was for him to lick her especially her ass as well as her pussy. He had to do it and the mistress enjoyed what he did. She waited until she came for her to unleash the humiliation she had in store for him. He was shocked when she took a shit on him and made sure he ate it.

Mistress Wael had an issue with her slave that was longstanding and that he had refused to change. As time went by, he believed that nothing would happen to him and he felt that he could do what he wanted. He actually thought that he was untouchable. That is why she had to dominate him and she did so using her scat fetish. As he ate her shit, he realized he had messed himself up.

Mistress Alice needed closure and that is why she went out of her way to use scat femdom to achieve that. She felt that her ex had not been punished for all the grief he had caused her and that is why she had to punish him and torture him as well. So she used her poop to do it and she felt better after she had fed him shit.

Mistress Megan had a colleague she had to send a strong message and warning. The colleague was used to sabotaging her and he was also a snitch. He tried to put her down so that he could shine and she had had enough of it. So she had to make sure he learned never to do that again and that is why today she turned him into a human toilet when he tried to mess with her.

Mistress Anna's sister had begged her to punish her boyfriend. He had run amok and she needed to reign him in. And she had tried but could not so she went to mistress Anna for help. She told her that her methods were crude but she agreed to let her do her thing. So she shit on him while her sister looked on. The punishment worked and he changed as she wanted.

Mistress Muge hates teaching new slaves how they need to behave. She had a new slave and she had to make sure he avoided the temptation of pissing her off. That is why she had to make sure he learned that she was not one to be messed with. So she trampled him and she gave him a taste of scat fetish for him to learn that she was to be obeyed and respected at all times.

Mistress Madison was out to pass a message to this guy and she did it with her shit. The guy was forced to lie down and the mistress took a shit on the poor guy. As she humiliated him, her friend joined her and the two of them had fun torturing him. Mistress Madison's friend even gagged herself and she puked on the guy who had to eat her puke.

Mistress Madison and her sister caught her sister's boyfriend cheating and they were so pissed at him. Mistress Madison chose to let the couple handle it on their own. Her sister later came to ask her to punish him for her and she agreed. She turned the cheater into a human toilet and he had to eat her shit. She did not even let him wash it down with pee.

Madam Tulpan wanted this guy to eat her shit but he refused. She threatened him but he did not agree to do it. She wanted him to open his mouth for her to shit on him but he refused and she was so pissed at him about it that she chose to trample him with her high heels before he agreed to eat her shit and he opened his mouth to do it.

Mistress Melania was not ok with her servant being cagey with her. She did not want to keep asking him things and she felt that he should volunteer the information without her having to force it out of him. So the mistress made him eat her shit and the humiliation got to him and he had to agree with her that he will change for her to stop degrading him.

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