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Slaves dominated by shitting mistresses

Mistress Anna likes shit. She loves to use it to punish and to humiliate. She also uses it to scare guys. Today she was using it to scare this loser who had pissed her. She did not like the fact that he had refused to do what she wanted. So she forced him to eat her shit and by the time she was done with him, he was pleading with her to let him do it.

This mistress had a running stomach and she learned that it was because of the food she had eaten. It was the slave who had prepared the food so he was directly answerable for her running stomach. She did not want to suffer alone so when the next bout of diarrhea came, she made sure to unload it on him. She had him lie down and she took a dump on his face and into his mouth.

Mistress Emily was not pleased with the fact that her slave had no respect for other people. She had to change it because he must have had poor upbringing. She called him to her torture chambers and she took a dump on his face. He was not swallowing her shit the way she wanted so she shoved the shit into his mouth using her feet. She then told him never to disrespect anyone and least of all her if he wanted to avoid being punished again.

Mistress Janet came home and she found her slave fucking a girl in her house. She was pissed that the slave was turning her home into a hotel to fuck girls the way he wanted. She was not sure how long it had been going on but she had to put a stop to it. And she did. She took a dump on his face and had him eat the shit.

Princess Nikki is the kind of mistress who likes to punish losers worse than the crimes they have committed. This loser did a small mistake but he was given a cruel and brutal punishment. The mistress turned him into her human toilet and she had him eat her shit. She watched him swallow it and she also watched him drink her pee. She did not care what happened to him.

This mistress is adventurous and she is always trying new things. Today she tried shit fetish and she did it at the expense of this loser. She had flirted with him and he thought he would get to fuck her. But he was rudely shocked when instead of fucking, he was made to eat shit and to drink pee. She told him her toilet had broken down and she was using him as a replacement.

Mistress Gaia was asked by a friend to punish her slave. She knew her friend well, and if she had asked her to punish a slave for her, it meant that the slave had messed up big time. She did not even bother to ask what the slave had done. She asked her friend to bring the slave and she took a shit on him as punishment. She degraded the slave and by the end of it, she was sure that the slave would never repeat what he had done.

Mistress Annalise hates to repeat herself. She likes it when someone pays attention so that she does not have to repeat herself. This loser did not pay attention and he wasted her time. To teach him a lesson, she made him lie down and she took a dump on his face. She had him eat her shit and she made him wash it down with her piss. He never failed to pay attention ever since.

This mistress was pissed at her slave and she had to punish him. She had never punished him before and that was about to change. She was so mad that instead of a light punishment, she went straight to the cruel punishments. She cruelly shit on him and she had him eat her poo. She also had him lick her asshole clean and used him as her human toilet paper.

Goddess Amirha tried to facesit on this guy to get some information but it did not yield any fruit. So she had to try another way to do it. She resorted to make him eat her shit. She went on facesitting on him only that this time she had him eat her shit as she facesat on him. She also had him lick her asshole and she used him as her human toilet.

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