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Mistress Wael does not like weak guys and she felt that this guy was weak. She had to dominate him in a way to motivate him to stop being a shit slave. The poor guy was turned into a shit slave and he did not have a choice but to promise to improve himself and the things he did in order to stop being weak. He knew there was no other way out.

Mistress Wael likes to have flexible employees because they can get more done that way. She did not want to have a bunch of inflexible employees and when she noticed that this one was super inflexible, she had to find a way to make him change that attribute about himself. She did so using her scat femdom whereby she turned him into a shit slave and had him eat her poop.

This mistress was disgusted by how bad this guy was at easing pussy. So as punishment and to teach him how to do it, she chose to make him eat her shit directly from her asshole. That way, he would also eat her ass at the same time. That is how he learned how to eat ass, eat pussy and avoid being humiliated and degraded again by the sexy mistress.

Mistress Madison lost her money which she had invested after the advice of this Wallstreet executive. She felt bad and she had to get her money back as she did not have much of it despite working hard. When the guy sneered at her and told her its life, she snapped and she turned him into a human toilet. She made him eat her poo and swallow her spit before she gave him 3 days to send it to her.

Mistress Mystique spanked her slave because he had been misbehaving. She then had him lick her ass before she made him eat her shit. Her friend came to visit and she was interested in what mistress Mystique was doing and they both dominated him and made him eat their shit. He was scared shitless and he had to obey them to avoid being tortured further because he knew they were capable of worse.

Mistress Gaia was worried that her slave had not learned his lesson. She was worried that he would continue to do the things he had done and she was not ready for that kind of shit. She chose to use her poo to punish him and to send a cruel message that his sort of behavior and his messes would not be tolerated in her house going forward. He changed.

Goddess Andova wanted to find something to enjoy on her birthday and she settled for scat fetish. She knew it would be fun to humiliate a loser using her pee as it was not a common thing. Being a sadist, those are the things that she loved and not dinners or trips. So she got this clueless guy to go to her house and she unleashed terror on him and it was the best birthday ever.

Madame Ellen wanted this guy to stop being in a gang. She had talked to him because he had potential but he was having a hard time disengaging from the gang so she had to shove him to make the process quicker. That is what led the mistress to shit on him and degrade him to the point that he agreed to quit the gang that very day she humiliated him.

These mistresses did not all the stories they heard about how this guy bullied and terrorized a lot of people in the neighborhood. The mistress pledged to do something about it because other people were too scared to do anything. So the mistresses took it upon themselves to shit on him and teach him never to do it again as it was not right. The bullying stopped immediately in their neighborhood.

Mistress Gaia is experienced in torturing people who anger her. She is an unpredictable mistress and there is no telling what she can do to someone. This loser was shocked to learn that he was her toilet slave. She tied him up while he was naked and she took a dump as he watched. Then she smeared all of it on his body. She did not care what he did and what he felt.

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