Scat Femdom Videos

Slaves dominated by shitting mistresses

Isabella wanted to send a strong message to her slaves to nip any dissent in the bud. She took one of them and chained him before pooping into his mouth. They toed the line.

Kalida was promised lots of money if she made scat fetish videos. She needed money, so she made the very best of dump videos. Her slaves were not lucky though

Miss Decadoria is an unforgiving mistress. When wronged, she does not forgive. She just waits for the perfect opportunity for revenge. She took her slave and pooped on her and told her to masturbate with her poop and piss Miss Decadoria is an unforgiving mistress. She took her slave and pooped on her and told her to masturbate with her poop and piss

Valery and Diana had a score to settle with this guy. And they settled it in typical sadistic fashion. By pooping on his face and making him eat it

This loser thought Mistress Gaia was a weakling. He was surprised when she turned on him and pooped into his face and open mouth

This mistress is cruel and sadistic. She thrives on the misery of others. She wanted to make poop pudding for her slave and she pooped on a container and used it to make the pudding which her slaves had to eat and finish.

This girl had been fed up with her husband coming home drunk and not taking his responsibility. She waited for him to come home drunk and when he passed out, she pooped into his mouth

This girl and her boyfriend dared each other. Each one was supposed to do anything he/she wanted to the other. She chose to use him as her human toilet and pooped and pissed into his mouth

Mistress Dees was introduced to poo fetishes and she wanted to try it out on her own. She got a slave and enjoyed making him her human toilet

Lady Amira's boyfriend cheated. She wanted to leave but he begged her not to. He told her to do anything she wanted to him and she decided to degrade and humiliate him. She pooped on a plate and pissed on it and told him to eat it. He didn't think it would go that extreme, but he became her toilet slave and ate all the shit and piss on the plate.

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