Scat Femdom Videos

Slaves dominated by shitting mistresses

This guy had an argument that turned nasty with this mistress. He said mean things to her and he regretted it almost immediately as she used her martial arts prowess to pin him down and shit on him. She smeared shit on his face and when she was done, she washed it off his face by peeing on his face. She laughed at him as he looked degraded and defeated.

Madame Ellen was expecting her boyfriend to do what they had agreed to do at the end of the month but he did. On the other hand, she had done what she was to do. When she asked him why he had done his part, she found out he had squandered his money on nonsensical things. Her anger led her to whip his naked butt and made him eat shit.

Mistress Jardena wanted this guy to experience her wrath and that is what happened. The mistress did not have a choice but to do as she said as she had told him of the nasty things she was going to do to him if he did not obey her. So she made him wear a chastity device and she turned him on for it to hurt him. Then she had him swallow her poo.

Lady Lucy wanted to sharpen her scat fetish skills. She wanted to enter into a scat tournament and she planned to win it. There was some good prize money to be won and she had plans with that money. So she used this loser to practice and she humiliated him a great deal as she plotted how to sharpen her skills and emerge the winner of the tournament. She did not care about anything else other than winning.

Mistress Christina picked her friend and they went to avenge the humiliation of her brother that had driven him to depression. It was not easy getting him out of depression but he was finally out of it but this guy who was the cause of it had to pay. And he was made to pay by being forced to lick their shit, eat it and lick their assholes clean as he was their human toilet paper.

This butler angered this mistress by not doing his work properly and she felt that he was taking things for granted yet she paid him well. He did not have a lot of work to do but he acted as if she gave him a lot of work. So she made him think hard about his job by shitting on him and telling him his nonsense would not be tolerated any longer.

Mistress Gaia was worried that her slave had not learned his lesson. She was worried that he would continue to do the things he had done and she was not ready for that kind of shit. She chose to use her poo to punish him and to send a cruel message that his sort of behavior and his messes would not be tolerated in her house going forward. He changed.

This mistress wanted to try scat and she also wanted to cum. In fact, she wanted to do both at the same time. So she used her big ass to rub against his face. She let her clit touch his face and she felt great. She took a shit on him and she used the shit as lube to continue doing her thing on him and humiliated him as she had fun.

Madame Ellen learned that this company employee was corrupt and she took instant action on him. The mistress whipped him while he was naked and she used a serrated device to rub his balls and asshole. She then took a shit on him and from his treatment, he learned that he had no choice but to turn over a new leaf. Otherwise, she promised worse punishments if he did not stop being corrupt.

Mistress Kapretti is used to making losers and slaves eat her shit. But she wanted to do something different but with shit. So she gathered the losers she had made to eat her shit and she showed them that she could also do what they did. And she ate her own shit as they watched. They were afraid that she would make them eat her shit again but she did not. They feared her even more.

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