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These strippers wanted to dominate this guy because of the things the guy had been doing. The mistresses did not want him to think that he could piss them off, spank them and touch them without at least tipping them. He was then turned into a toilet slave and humiliated cruelly by the two mistresses until he learned his lesson and never tried to do what he had done to them.

When this mistress got pissed, she knew that she had to definitely punish this guy and she did it with her poo. She was tired of listening to his bullshit and she had to dominate him in a way he had never felt before. That is why she opted to use her poo to dominate him and put the bullshit to an end once and for all. It worked out.

Lady Scarlet wanted this guy to know that she was not just any person he would piss and hope to escape without a punishment. She made him undress before she had him jerk off. When he was done doing so, the mistress forced him to eat her shit and drink her pee while jerking off before she was done with him. Needless to say, he never pissed her off again.

Mistress Milana did not want this guy to think that she was scared of him. He had messed up and the mistress wanted to dominate him. So she did it the best way she knew how and she used her poop to do it. The mistress recorded what she did so that she would send it to others who tried to mess with her. The message was home and dry.

Mistress Medea was not happy at this guy. She was sure that he was involved in some things that she did not approve of but he refused. When she caught him red handed, she had to punish him in a way he had never been before. This was through cruelly shitting on him and the guy had no choice but to do what the mistress wanted. She then laughed at him as he ate her poo.

Mistress Milana was asked to punish this slave because he was full of uncouth behavior. She agreed to do it and she did it in a cruel manner so that he would not be tempted to do it again. The mistress turned the guy into a scat slave and had him eat her poop before she was done with him. He never displayed uncouth behavior or used uncouth language anywhere.

This mistress had a lot of expectations in this guy fucking her as well as she had hoped he would and as well as he had claimed he would. However, he disappointed her badly as he was worse than anyone he had ever been with. She could not believe it and that is why she chose to shit on the guy and have him eat her poo and lick her asshole.

When mistress Gunes realized that she had a bodyguard who was not as thorough as she wanted him to be, she had to humiliate and punish him. He was only getting one chance for it as his laxity could be fatal or highly injurious to her. So she had to take care of the issue as soon as she could. She turned him into a shit slave and forced him to eat her poo.

Queen Siya is the kind of person who does not like anyone to mess with her and when she realized that this guy was hell bent on doing that, she had to deal with him because he had refused to stop as she had told him to. The mistress had diarrhea right at the time the guy messed with her and she used it to feed the guy to teach him a lesson.

Mistress Madison was hurt when her boyfriend broke up with her. But her pride would not let her cry or beg her not to do it. She felt that since he did not want them to be together, she had to let him go and she did. But not before she had used her shit to send a message to him. She told him that it was her parting gift.

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