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Lady Scarlet wanted her slave to learn how to eat poo and she did not care what experience he was having as she made him do it. It was fun for her as she enjoyed torturing him. He was having the worst time of his life and she did not care and was in fact celebrating it. She recorded it all so that she could watch it again and again.

This guy did not think that lady Scarlet would know or find out that he was a spy. But she was smart enough to know and his cover was blown. She caught him by surprise when she turned him into a human toilet and she made him eat her shit and do other humiliating things. He did not see it coming and he could not do anything about it as she forced him to do it.

Lady Scarlet wanted to scare this guy and she knew that poo was the best way to do it. So she did not hesitate to do it. She did not waste any time in turning him into a toilet slave as well as a human toilet. He was made to eat her poo and he did it the way she wanted. He never wanted to see her after what she did to him.

Lady Scarlet was so pissed at this guy for misbehaving that she had to punish him. She had tried to calmly ask him to stop what he was doing. But he did not stop and that angered her. She had to make sure he never repeated it. That is why she chose to use her shit to send a message. It was brutal but it was effective and it worked.

Lady Scarlet felt that her generosity was being abused by this guy and so she had to punish him for it. The mistress chose poo as her punishment of choice for the guy. It was not pretty but it taught the guy a lesson no one had ever taught him before. He was shocked by all that he did and that is why she had to dominate him as painfully as he had never been before.

Lady Scarlet wanted this guy to know that she was not just any person he would piss and hope to escape without a punishment. She made him undress before she had him jerk off. When he was done doing so, the mistress forced him to eat her shit and drink her pee while jerking off before she was done with him. Needless to say, he never pissed her off again.

Lady Scarlet was not ok with the way in which this guy treated other people. He had been asked to change the way he did things and to stop mistreating others but he did not. When he did not stop, there was only one alternative of handling the issue and that was to shit on him, which is what she did promptly. The mistress forced the guy to eat shit and he never mistreated anyone again.

Lady Scarlet wanted to advance her agenda and she felt that since this guy was a stumbling block to her ambitions, she had to humiliate him and scare the hell out of him. So the mistress turned the guy into a toilet slave and fed him shit. As he ate her poo, he realized she was ready to achieve her goals by whichever means necessary so he moved out of her way.

Lady Scarlet felt that a salesman did not need to be lazy and when this one tried to piss her off, he had to be punished and the mistress chose shit as the best thing to use in punishing him. The mistress forced the guy to eat her poo as well as to drink her pee. He had no choice but to eat her poo and drink her pee and he stopped his laziness.

This guy tried to blackmail lady Scarlet and he was shocked that she turned things on him and she punished him for it. The mistress cruelly turned him into a scat slave and she fed him a lot of shit before she let him go. She took a video which she was prepared to use to blackmail him if he ever tried to mess with her again. He never even wanted to meet her again after that.

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