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Lateness is one of the things that this mistress does not tolerate. This guy found out about it the hard way when she made him eat her shit. He thought it was not a big deal but he realized rather too late that it was a big deal for her and he had to eat her shit. He tried to get her forgiveness but it never came. He had to eat poo and be used as a human toilet paper.

Mistress Gaia likes to pay top dollar for good services. That is what she paid this guy but he had poor workmanship and she was not pleased. So she punished him with her shit and had him drink her urine for good measure because she had felt that she did not get value for her money. When she was done punishing him, he had to redo the work for her to let him go.

Mistress Gaia felt that this guy was clueless. And indeed he was as he did not seem to see what she had done to him. All that he did was to follow whatever she did to him and that is how she cornered him and turned him into her shit slave. He did not have a choice but to do all that he was ordered by the mistress to do.

Mistress Gaia had tried her best to motivate her slave and to get him to stop the nonsense he had. But he did not listen to her and he messed up even further as he now ignored her on top of being lazy. The mistress cruelly turned him into a human toilet and she forced him to eat her shit. He was scared shitless as he went through that punishment and he realized that he had to change.

Mistress Gaia had tried many methods to punish this guy but she did not succeed in changing him for the better. She had no choice but to try a different way to deal with him. When she learned about scat fetish, she felt that she had to use it so she put it to test and she was shocked at how effective it was as it worked and made him change.

Mistress Gaia had given a lot of thought to her punishment. She came up with a toilet seat which she used to shit on this slave. She made sure that the slave was humiliated and that she was degraded beyond her wildest imagination by having her eat poo and drink pee. The girl cried because she had never imagined that she could face such a cruel and degrading punishment but there was no going back.

This guy has a tiny dick and he wanted to have fun with mistress Gaia. But the mistress was not interested in it and she chose to make him eat her poo instead. The mistress then had him eat her poo while he jerked off. She was gracious enough to let him check out her sexy big tits and use them as visual stimulation for him to jerk off as required.

Mistress Gaia knew that if she took a dump before firing this employee, she might be in deep shit. So she fired him first and then after that, she turned him into a human toilet and she fed him her poo. He had to know that he had messed up and that his nonsense would not be tolerated. So he had to change so that he would fit in wherever he would get employed.

Mistress Gaia could not understand how they were not making money out of projects which were doing well when she managed them and she realized that it could be an act of sabotage. As she investigated, she realized it was because her business partner was starting his own projects and he wanted theirs to fall so that his could pick up and she could not tolerate that and she made him eat shit before severing relations with him.

Mistress Gaia knew that this girl knew that her man was married to her and she still went ahead and slept with him. She was going to deal with her man appropriately later, but she had to first of all dispense with her issue so as to focus on her man. She turned the girl into a human toilet and she fed her poo and pee. The girl was shocked to the core and needless to say, she never slept with anyone who was in a relationship or married again.

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