Scat Femdom Videos

Slaves dominated by shitting mistresses

When mistress Gaia is bored, she can do anything for fun. And that is why today she chose to try scat fetish. She had a great time with her scat trial that she did not notice how she had been doing it for a long time. The mistress enjoyed herself and realized that shit could be fun and that it could also be used as a punishment tool to teach losers a lesson or have fun at their expense.

When this mistress floated the idea of trying scat fetish with her boyfriend, he agreed because he knew that some of their best times have come from crazy ideas. So she took a shit on his face and she was turned on watching him eat her poo. He was also turned on by her ass and he fucked her in the ass, something they had never done before. It was a great time for them.

Mistress Jardena wanted this guy to learn to obey her and because he did not, she had to use a new way to punish him and to get him to turn over a new leaf. The mistress forced him to use her shit as his lube to jerk off. And he had to do it according to her instructions. He was shocked and knew he would not disobey her again.

Goddess Andova wanted to do something that would bring her joy. And she felt that doing things such as what she had seen in scat femdom videos were the best way for her to have that fun. So she turned her slave into a human toilet and she forced him to eat her poo. He had not done anything to warrant it but she did not care about that part.

Lady Luci knows how to give a punishment and that is what she did today to this loser. She turned him into her human toilet, and forced him to eat her shit, but not before she had fucked him with a strapon. It was painful when she fucked him and it was degrading when she shit on him. That was one hell of a punishment and he learned his lesson.

Mistress Karina was alone in the house and she did not feel like doing anything. She took out her phone after she had woken up and she watched a few videos to keep herself entertained. In the process, she stumbled upon scat femdom videos and she was so into them that she ended up watching and enjoying them the entire day. The excited mistress wanted to try them as well.

Mistress Natalia had a bone to pick with this couple and she made sure she taught them a lesson they had never been taught before. She was so pissed at them that she made them a poop based cereal where cereal was like 10%, pee 30% and the 60% poop. They were shocked at what he did but she was so enraged that they had no choice except to eat it.

Mistress Victoria wanted to degrade her soon to be ex-boyfriend to get him to appreciate that she was not a pushover. But she did not want to do it herself. So she got her friend to do it. And she did it in a cruel manner by shitting on the guy and making him eat her shit as mistress Victoria watched and had fun watching him eat the poo and drink pee.

Mistress Jardena had banked on this loser for a lot of things but he ended up disappointing her and she was mad. She could not believe how she had put all her eggs in one basket and it did not work out. She had to show him what she was prepared to do to make sure he made things right. She took a shit on him and he had no choice but to do what they had agreed.

This Latina mistress wanted to show her husband that she would not tolerate his bad manners. So she used the strongest punishment she knew to punish him and it worked. The mistress got him to eat her shit. He could not believe what she had done to him but he realized he had messed up so badly that he needed such a treatment to bring him back to his senses.

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