Scat Femdom Videos

Slaves dominated by shitting mistresses

Mistress Anna is the sort of mistress who loves to try things and today she wanted to try scat fetish. The mistress went ahead to try it on this guy who was clueless. He was baited and he took the bait hook line and sinker. He did not see it coming but she did not care as she wanted to make him eat her shit and that was all that mattered to her.

Mistress Natalia was angered to learn that her boyfriend had hit on her sister. She was so angry at him that the best punishment for him was shitting on him. And she made sure it happened that way. The mistress did not flinch in her quest to make sure he never made such a stupid mistake and that he apologized to her sister. He never did such a thing again.

When this mistress caught her husband cheating, she did not end the marriage but she had to punish him. The mistress did so because he had begged her and promised never to do it again. She wanted to make sure it would never happen again so she used her shit to make sure of that. He had to eat it and have it smeared all over his face before she was done with the punishment.

This mistress had a deal with this guy but he refused to keep his end of the bargain and she was not pleased about it. She wanted to teach him to learn to honor his end of the deal and that is why she chose to shit on him. The mistress did it slowly for maximum benefits and he learned his lesson the hard way. He regretted messing with her and he was forced to honor his promise.

When lady Kimi and lady Domi requested for this cab, they expected that the driver would be well behaved. Instead of giving him stars to rate him, they chose to punish him by taking matters into their own hands. And that is what they did as they made him a scat slave and he had to eat their shit. He was used to taking people for granted until today when he learned his lesson.

This mistress hates slow people and when she realized that this loser was one of them, she had to show him what she felt about people like him. And that is how the mistress went ahead to shit on him and make him do the crazy things that she wanted to try on him. He had no choice but to do them all because he did not want to upset her further.

Mistress Anna did not like her ex very much but she did not mess with him. He, on the other hand, tried to con her and she did not like that very much. She had to show him that she would not be taken for granted and taken advantage of. So she went ahead and she used her shit to teach him that lesson. The mistress tried scat fetish on him.

Mistress Gaia felt that shitting on this slave and making him eat her shit was not enough punishment for him. She had to come up with a way to teach him a lesson and so she whipped him while he ate shit. It was brutal as he was degraded while eating her shit and at the same time she he was in pain from what she did to his naked ass.

This mistress was angered by the things this guy said about her behind her back. He pretended to be in good terms with her but behind her back, he said some crazy things about her. So she confronted him with what she had found out and he could not even defend himself. She did not let him even say anything. She made him eat her shit and smeared her shit on his face.

This mistress has a big ass and she loves to use it for both pain and pleasure. Today she used it as a weapon to punish this guy because he did shit she could not let him get away with. The guy was a mechanic and she had asked him to repair her car but he did not do it to her expectations. In fact, her car was worse than when she took it to him and so she shit on him.

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