Scat Femdom Videos

Slaves dominated by shitting mistresses

Mistress Martina hates lazy slaves and when she realized that she had one, she knew she had to do something about it. And that is how she managed to turn this one into a toilet slave. She used scat fetish to teach him a lesson and it is a lesson he never forgot because of how cruel it was. He never messed with her again after what she had done.

Mistress Jardena wanted this slave to learn a lesson. She came across as a soft spoken girl who cannot hurt a fly. But when he pissed her off and tried to take advantage of her good nature, the mistress did not let him succeed. She made him regret what he had done by shitting on him and forcing him to eat her shit. He also drank her pee as well.

This guy wanted to enjoy this mistress's handjob. He knew she would not fuck him so he tried something he knew he had a small chance of getting which was a hand job. He managed to convince her he did not know what she would use as lube. She chose to shit on his dick and she used her poop as lube to jerk him off and he was both in shock for being pooped n and happy at how much of a hand job expert he was.

Mistress Karina told her slave that she had a lesser punishment for him than making him eat her shit. She had told him he would be her human toilet and would have to eat her pee and he was scared shitless. She chose to downgrade the punishment but it was still cruel and involved her shit. Mistress Karina took a shit in her toilet and she made him clean her up with his bare hands including washing her butt.

Lady Luci and lady Domi had a disgusting slave. They had pointed out what he needed to change as well as told him what he needed to change but he did not take them seriously so he did not change. Without many options left to punish him, he was made to eat their shit and that is what was a wake-up call for him and prompted him to change his ways.

Goddess Andova did not come to mess around. And when she found out that this loser was wasting her time and trying to derail her, she had to do the right thing and make sure he learned his lesson the hard way. So she took a syringe and she used it to inject pee up his butt. He was shocked but that was not all as she also took a shit on him.

Princess Araya is the sort of person who likes to do crazy things. And today was no exception, She wanted to teach this guy a thing or two about scat fetish seeing as he had pissed her off and was in need of being dominated and humiliated. She took him to the toilet and she made him open his hands for him to shit into. Then she made him smear his face the shit on his hand.

Mistress Gaia did not like how negative this guy was. He needed to be tamed as it occurred to her that he had never been told that what he did was wrong. So she used her scat fetish to teach him a lesson. His face was turned into a toilet and she took a dump on his face. Next, he was asked to eat the poo and he learned his lesson.

This mistress wanted a slave who paid attention. This one did not and he had to be dealt with accordingly. She used her shit to do it and he never failed to pay attention again. In fact, he was over-attentive. she made him eat a scat burger by shitting on his bun and making him eat it. He could not believe his eyes but he knew he had no way out.

This mistress is kinky and this guy was not prepared for her level of kink. He thought he was a naughty guy as well but he was shocked by what she did to him. The mistress took a dump on him as he was tied and she had him eat it. He was about to cry because of what he had been made to do. But she stopped facesitting on him and she instead rode his dick like it had never been ridden before.

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