Scat Femdom Videos

Slaves dominated by shitting mistresses

Scat queen Lady Milena doesn't even need a toilet. She has her scat slave who is more than happy to let her fill his mouth with shit every time she gets the urge to go. She makes him take shit out of the toilet and eat it then squats down over his face so she can shit out the turds right into his mouth. He chews and swallows it like he loves it.

This stunning and almost nude brunette goddess sits on her human toilet. It's a toilet seat and her scat slave lies beneath it. He has a plastic container fastened to his face so he does not waste one chunk of her nasty shit. She sits down and pushes out a turd that looks too huge for her tiny asshole. The turds keep coming and cover his mouth and his entire face.

This horny teen leaves her cute little sneakers on as she strips and squats in the floor. She plays with her tight pussy until she pisses out golden nectar everywhere. She bends over with her asshole spread open and rams a large black toy inside of it. She pushes it deep into her asshole until she starts shitting and gets scat all over the toy, her asshole and all over the floor.

Morgan is a hot blonde scat queen with huge tits who invites you in to watch her take a shit. Don't think you are just going to sit there and watch though. You have to eat it. She wants to give you a mouth full of shit so you can chew on it and swallow it. She loves to shit out nasty turds into slave's mouths and watch them eat it.

I hope you are ready to worship my asshole because I have some nice big turds that I am going to squeeze out for you. Come into my shower because the only thing I want to be messy is you and my asshole. I bend over and spread my asshole apart. I push out a big, dark turd and drops to the floor of the shower. I want you to eat it.

Fair-skinned and beautiful scat queen Mistress Gaia looks even sexier than usual in her black nylon catsuit. She squats down over her female scat slave and puts her hands on her tiny tits. She spreads her asshole and puts it right over her mouth as she pushes out a huge turd that fills the female slave's mouth. She has to start chewing and swallowing the turds when the fill her mouth.

This scat slave thinks he has it good when his scat princess puts him in a jacuzzi, but she has something really smelly and messy in store for him. She makes him tilt his head so he can have his mouth filled with shit. The turds completely fill his mouth and he has to chew the shit and swallow it to keep from choking. The shit is all over his mouth and in the water.

Lady Missy is a gorgeous scat queen who uses her slave's mouth as a toilet. The humiliated scat slave lies in the floor while Lady Missy spreads her legs over him. The turds start to fall and they are barely form. They make a steaming pile of thick, messy shit in his mouth and spilling out the sides. Lady Missy demands that he chew and swallow every bit of it.

This lovely scat queen gets nude and sits on the floor. She shits out a messy pile of loose turds on the floor that look like dark chocolate. She sticks her lovely feet in the scat and starts smearing it around. This is how she satisfies her scat fetish. She coats her feet in shit from her toes to her ankles and you can still see shit on her ass.

This guy had a crush on Messalina. She took advantage of it and made her lick her ass and eat her shit because she knew he could do anything she wanted

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