Scat Femdom Videos

Slaves dominated by shitting mistresses

Victoria lied to this guy that she wanted them to have a 69. They got undressed and when he prepared to lick her pussy, she shit on him instead

When it comes to degradation, Messalina takes the honors. She knows how to make slaves fish for shit from her ass and eat it

This slave wanted to have the same breakfast as his mistresses. They made him lie down and shit into his mouth. That way, he ate the same as they did.

Mistress Gaia is cruel. She likes to have fun at her slave's expense. She made her slave smell her farts and lick her dirty and sweaty asshole

Patricia was being inducted to the scat queens club. She was given a slave and asked to humiliate him. She made him eat her shit directly from her ass as the others watched

This mistress had diarrhea, but before she went to the toilet, she realized she needed to punish her slave. And she used the diarrhea to punish him. She shit on him and made him eat her diarrhea

This beautiful mistress loves to do things to her slave that are so horrible. One of her favorite things to do is to treat her slave like a human toilet. She has always been excellent at taking a shit on her slave, or in some cases she will make her slave open his mouth so that he is able to eat all of her nice creamy warm shit in his mouth.

This beautiful woman is famous for doing things to her slave that can be considered extremely hard-core. She has never been a woman that isn't going to go all out when she is taking a dump on her slave. She will eat a great deal of food, because she wants to take the largest shit right on her slave and she also will force him to eat everything up.

This lovely woman is always going to be one of the worst when it comes to taking a shit on one of her slaves. She has absolutely no regard for any of her slaves and she also feels as though they deserve to be treated very poorly. She is going to push out a nice warm load of shit right on her slave. She is deeply amused by how pathetic he looks.

This woman can be very demanding when it is time for her slave to open his mouth. She has always been extremely brutal to him because he is such a loser and he always deserves hard-core punishment. She is going to make him eat her shit and she also is going to laugh right in his face, because she wants him to realize that he means absolutely nothing to her.

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