Scat Femdom Videos

Slaves dominated by shitting mistresses

Mistress Dula had beef with her professor and she knew that the best thing to do to him was to shit on him and that is why she did it without thinking hard about it. The mistress threw him on the floor and she had him eat her shit and drink her pee. She fed it to him as he lay down and it was a lot of fun for her.

This guy was debating this mistress but he had the same point over and over again and she was pissed about it. She felt that he needed to find something else to do and she chose to use her shit to give him something else to do. The mistress forced the poor guy to do what she wanted and that is how his entire face was covered in her shit.

Mistress Madison wanted to communicate her position to this guy and she did it with her shit. She had tried to talk to him but she did not get anywhere. So she had to change tact and do what she wanted to him. That is how she cruelly turned him into the kind of person she needed to. He was tied up so as not to resist and she cruelly degraded him.

This guy did not think that lady Scarlet would know or find out that he was a spy. But she was smart enough to know and his cover was blown. She caught him by surprise when she turned him into a human toilet and she made him eat her shit and do other humiliating things. He did not see it coming and he could not do anything about it as she forced him to do it.

This guy got the shock of his life when these mistresses decided that they wanted to scare and confuse the shit out of him. The mistresses chose to turn the guy into a shit slave which they did as they fed him their poop but they also had fun riding his dick and making sure he experienced their crazy moves. He was confused by it all as he experienced both pain and pleasure.

Mistress Wael had never punished or humiliated anyone before. All she was interested in was teaching this guy a lesson and she did it in a way he had never experienced before. He was made into a human toilet and he had to eat shit directly from her asshole and on top of that, he had to lick her asshole until it was clean. He had no alternative but to do it.

This mistress was in a huge mess and she felt that she had to find a way to deal with it. That is why she went out of her way to dominate the guy who had created the mess in the first place. She had to clean it up and she did but this was after she was done shitting on him and making sure that he learned his lesson.

Mistress Dula has no time for rude people. She does not like to have anything to do with them and that is why she had to dominate this guy today. She felt that the best way to deal with him was to use her scat fetish to humiliate him. The mistress did it in a crazy way and she made sure that he was degraded and that by the end of it, he stopped being rude.

When this mistress noticed that she was dealing with the kind of person who needed to be punished and taught a lesson, she knew that she had gotten to a situation where things had to change. She was not going to let anything be the same again which is why she went out of her way to shit on him and fill his face with her poop and her pee.

When mistress Nica and her friend noticed that they were dealing with a guy who was unreliable, they knew it was now time to deal with him and to do what they wanted to him. That is why they went out of their way to cruelly force him to eat their shit and to lick their asses. He could not afford to say no to them and had to do what they wanted.

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