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Slaves dominated by shitting mistresses

This mistress chose to get shit eaten because she was broke and her slave was demanding food from her. He was demanding expensive food which she could not afford at the moment but he did not want to understand. She put some sense into his head by shitting on a plate and then ordering him to eat all of it. He did not have a choice and had to eat it.

Mistress Bianc did not like work very much because of her colleague. She was fed up with him and she had to do something about it so that she could enjoy her work place again. She chose to shit on him and as she did so, she made him regret all the things that he did to make her work place a bad one. He ate her poo and drank her pee and he never messed with her again.

Mistress Anna did not want her slave to forget what she was going to do to him. So she recorded the punishment. She took a shit on the guy and she forced him to eat it. The slave was shocked at what she wanted to do to him but the mistress did not care about his surprise and did not listen to him as he told her to forgive him.

Princess Nikki was fed up with how this slave was a loser and he was not providing any value to her company. So she chose to deal with him in the best way she knew how which was to dominate and degrade him before she fired him. She went ahead to take a shit on him and force him to drink her urine and eat her shit then fired him.

Mistress Gaia wanted to know why her boyfriend had stolen her money and then used it to cheat on her. She was so angry with him that she caged him while he was naked. After he had been cramped up in it for a while, she got him out and watched how he tried to stretch in pain. Then she took a shit on him before she forced him to talk.

Lady Domi did not like this particular neighbor. He was a rabble-rouser and she did not like it. But their paths had never crossed and so nothing happened between them. However, their paths crossed today and he pissed her off. She did not hesitate to show him what she felt about it and she did this using her shit which he had to eat and her pee which he had to drink.

When mistress Bianc learned that her uncle had perverted tendencies and he had been watching her while she took a shower and he wanted to nail her, all respect she had for him vanished and she had to punish him. She made the punishment as cruel as possible so that he would never do it again. She did this by shitting on him and getting him to eat all of it.

Mistress Nikki did not want anything to do with her weird and perverted cousins. They were trying to fuck her and worse still, they wanted to have a threesome with her. She did not like it and she wanted to make sure they would never ask her anything like that again. So she pretended to agree to what they wanted but after they were all naked, she took a shit on them and got them to eat it.

Mistress Lila wanted to get a guy to tell her what her shit tasted like. She did not want to taste it herself so she got someone else to do it for her. The mistress got the guy to watch as she took a shit and then she got him to eat it and then tell her what it felt like. She wanted a detailed description from him and she got it.

These mistresses did not all the stories they heard about how this guy bullied and terrorized a lot of people in the neighborhood. The mistress pledged to do something about it because other people were too scared to do anything. So the mistresses took it upon themselves to shit on him and teach him never to do it again as it was not right. The bullying stopped immediately in their neighborhood.

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