Scat Femdom Videos

Slaves dominated by shitting mistresses

Meagan is a fun girl, but she is also so much fun to take on dates. She is going to have some fun with one of her favorite slaves. Her slave loves her ass so much that he assumes a very interesting position under her special human toilet chair. He tells her to shit right into his mouth so he can eat up all of her poop.

A toilet slave thinks he can handle the task of being on the ground all day, but also eating up all the shit and piss from a group of hot girls. The slave will have to open his mouth to eat the shit, and he can't complain. If he complains one of the head ladies will punish him even worse and humiliate him beyond belief, so he's fucked.

A mistress and all of her friends are having a nice time enjoying lunch. They are eating as much as possible, and also have some fun girl time. Under the table is a slave that must listen to the girls laugh at him. Their girl time will end up being a huge session of scat after the girls are done eating. The slave will get shit on all day.

A lazy slave will pay big time. A mistress is tired of giving her slaves orders, and all he does is what he wants. She is brutal, so she will force herself to take the biggest shit ever on some steps. After she shits, the slave will then have to eat up all the poop off the steps and lick her dirty heels clean too.

Lady Amy is a nice mistress, but when it's time for scat play she will make her slave do some crazy shit. Her slave is well trained, but he always chickens out when it's time to eat piles of shit. Therefore, she is going to make him eat pile after pile of shit till he can overcome his bullshit fears of poop. He will eat the shit.

Princess Nikki is a very rare breed of mistress. The reason she is so interesting is because she likes to do things that are totally outside of the box. For instance, she is going to give herself an enema, but it's not just any enema. Her enema will make her take a big shit right in the hands of her slave. He must then rub the shit on himself.

A human toilet already knows the deal, because he is well trained. A mistress is going to host a fun party, but there is much more to the story. She is also going to have some real fun, and have her friends practice shitting. She is hoping they are able to shit on her human toilet, because after all he needs to learn a lesson about scat play.

A slave can be young or old in a domina's eyes. She could care less how old he is, because no matter what he is still going to get a nice full mouthful of shit. The slave will lay on the ground, so that he can find out what tasty shit his mistress will dish out to him. She is even going to shit in his mouth.

A mistress has prepared a very nice dish for her slave. The slave loves to eat up all of the shit his mistress has prepared for him. The mistress takes the biggest and smelliest shits just so she can make her slave gag as he tries to eat the shit. He loves the smell of her shit, and the apples she adds into the special shit pie.

One of the most sexiest mistresses in the world also is a heart breaker. She takes pride in making her slaves serve her, but ultimately she ends up leaving them or telling them to get lost. Therefore, her slaves love to worship any amount of her they can. From her pussy, ass, and feet, it doesn't matter as long as they are in her company.

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