Scat Femdom Videos

Slaves dominated by shitting mistresses

Scarlett Marie not only made this slave eat her shit, but she also made him masturbate while she was shitting on him

This mistress was not just content with shitting on her slave. She wanted him to catch the shit with his hands and then eat it like food

This mistress felt like shitting, and she did not want to take a dump in a toilet. So she used her slave instead. She did not care what she was doing to him. She just shit on him

When your mistress is like Bella and loves to try new things she sees on the internet, you know you are in big trouble. This slave was because the mistress shit on him like she had seen online

Gaia is a cruel mistress. She was tired with male slaves so she got a female one and enjoyed terrorizing her. She shit on her and made her eat the shit

This mistress was bored and wanted something to keep her busy. She turned her chair into a toilet and filmed herself shitting. She had seen scat videos online and wanted to try them

Victoria knew this guy loved fetishes. So she let him seduce her and when he took her to his place, she made him try out one fetish he had never tried. She made him eat her shit

Isabella loves to punish slaves. She loves it because she gets to try out all the crazy ideas in her head. This time she made the slave lie down and she pooped on him

Anna and Carla are lesbians. When they are not doing each other, they like to degrade slaves by making them eat their shit. They also enjoy shoving their feet into the slaves' mouths

This mistress had a strap-on which she made her slave suck. It had shit and she shoved it into his mouth and he had no choice but to lick it and suck it

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