Scat Femdom Videos

Slaves dominated by shitting mistresses

Lady Missy is a gorgeous scat queen who uses her slave's mouth as a toilet. The humiliated scat slave lies in the floor while Lady Missy spreads her legs over him. The turds start to fall and they are barely form. They make a steaming pile of thick, messy shit in his mouth and spilling out the sides. Lady Missy demands that he chew and swallow every bit of it.

This lovely scat queen gets nude and sits on the floor. She shits out a messy pile of loose turds on the floor that look like dark chocolate. She sticks her lovely feet in the scat and starts smearing it around. This is how she satisfies her scat fetish. She coats her feet in shit from her toes to her ankles and you can still see shit on her ass.

This guy had a crush on Messalina. She took advantage of it and made her lick her ass and eat her shit because she knew he could do anything she wanted

Messalina is the queen of scat. She likes to come up with various ways of humiliating and degrading her slave with shit

The toilet was not as clean as this mistress wanted. She punished the slave by making him her human toilet. She shit on him to teach him a lesson to clean the toilet better next time

Messalina found that her slave had not done what she had instructed him to do. She punished him by shitting into his mouth and making him swallow the shit

These Asian mistresses had watched scat fetishes online and loved them. They looked for slaves and tried it. They shit and made the slaves eat and swallow it

Messalina does not like to shit in normal toilets. She does not want to waste her shit. She wants to shit on slaves' faces and mouths. Then she makes them eat her shit

This guy knew that he was going to have fun with this hot mistress. But she ended up having at his expense by shitting on him and making him eat it

Messalina wanted to show this slave how worthless he was. She made turned him into her human toilet and shit and pissed on him

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