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Mistress Medea got home and she was shocked to find an intruder. She could not understand why he had decided to do that and he had himself to blame for what happened to him. The mistress did not care what he felt as she turned him into a toilet slave. The poor intruder had to eat her poo as well as drink her pee before she was done with him.

Mistress Medea needed to torture this guy with her shit because she did not want to let him get away with all the mistakes he was used to making. He was her trainer and he did not give her value for money which she had to make sure she got. The mistress forced him to drop that nonsense by shitting on him and making sure he ate her poo and drank her pee.

Mistress Medea had asked this guy to do some work for her and they agreed on the scope of work and the quality she wanted. But he did not meet their agreement as he tried to cut corners so as to make more money. She was so pissed about it that to punish him, she had to use her shit in order to teach him a cruel lesson as she did not want him to ever do it again.

Mistress Medea needed to torture this guy and she did so using her poo. She had to teach the guy a lesson that no one had ever taught him. The mistress did not care what the guy felt and she had to make sure that he learned a lesson he would never forget. The mistress spat on him and then she turned him into her human toilet after being slapped.

Mistress Medea and her friend had hired this guy to provide a service for them but he did not do it the way they wanted. They had to punish the guy and they did it in a cruel manner. The poor guy was forced to eat their shit after he had licked their feet and their shoes. It was cruel but he could not do much about it other than to comply.

When this slave showed that he was tactless, mistress Medea had to dominate him and she did it with her poo. She did not think that she could do it alone and hence she asked her friend to help her torture him. Mistress Yara agreed and the two of them joined forces to shit on him and punish him in a way he had never experienced before in his life.

This guy thought that being caned while tied was the only thing that this mistress was going to do to him. But he was dead wrong and she had to punish him. The mistress made him eat her shit when she was done caning him and that was when he realized that he was dealing with a mistress who was not going to be easy to deal with. He had to beg her for her to stop it.

Mistress Medea wanted to enter into a scat competition so she had to make it very compelling. She used this guy who had a crush on her to do it. The guy was flattered that she wanted to do some naughty things with her and he agreed quickly without fully understanding what she was asking. That is why he was shocked when it turned into him having to eat poo.

Mistress Medea was not happy at this guy. She was sure that he was involved in some things that she did not approve of but he refused. When she caught him red handed, she had to punish him in a way he had never been before. This was through cruelly shitting on him and the guy had no choice but to do what the mistress wanted. She then laughed at him as he ate her poo.

Mistress Medea could not stand the arrogance of her neighbor. He was always up in her business but he had the audacity to be negative and arrogant and that was beyond what she could stomach. So she decided to try something else and she did this by forcing the neighbor to eat her shit today when he went to her house to try and argue with her about some silly stuff.

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