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Slaves dominated by shitting mistresses

Mistress Madison does not like things being done in a slow manner in her house. That is what this guy did but she did not appreciate it and she told him as much. But he did not do anything about it and had to be punished. She did so using her shit for him to learn to take things she told him seriously. He did not have a choice but to do it.

This guy lacked seriousness in his duties as he wanted to keep being reminded and the mistress did not want that to keep happening. That is why she used her shit to remind him for the last time. As he was forced to eat her shit, he had no choice but to do it. He was shocked at the extent to which she was ready to go to make sure he changed.

Mistress Nica had a score to settle with this slave and she had to do it in a way he would never forget. The mistress made sure that she cruelly turned the guy into a human toilet. He had the dishonor of being made to eat her shit as well as to drink her urine and have her sick some dildos in her butt before she was done with him.

Mistress Milana was asked to punish this slave because he was full of uncouth behavior. She agreed to do it and she did it in a cruel manner so that he would not be tempted to do it again. The mistress turned the guy into a scat slave and had him eat her poop before she was done with him. He never displayed uncouth behavior or used uncouth language anywhere.

Mistress Dula is not one to shy away from controversy or confrontation. This official was sleazy and he expected her to be threatened by it but she was not. Instead, she plotted how to make him get a piece of her mind. She did so when she turned him into a shit slave and had him eat her shit so that he learned his lesson in the hardest way possible.

Mistress Medea liked it when her slaves left better than they went to her house. For this mistress, this had to be by teaching him to stop his self indulgence. The mistress did it by shitting on him as she knew that it was the quickest way to humiliate him. He never messed up again after that as he knew what she would do to him if he did so.

Mistress Wael is a patient person but this slave had gotten on her nerves with his rebellious nature which was not warranted. He had no reason to be rebellious as she gave him a freehand to do most things he wanted. But she had to make him learn and stop the nonsense he did. The mistress did it with her shit as she forced him to eat her poo and drink pee.

Mistress Madison had to punish this guy with shit and the best place for her to do so was in the bathroom. This was because she knew that she could easily make him eat her shit as well as clean up without having to move anywhere else. So she did her thing on him, fed it to him and then proceeded to clean herself before she let him clean up.

This slave was too misinformed for this mistress to let him get away with it. He did not want to educate himself and she was fed up with dealing with him. The mistress felt like the best thing to do to him was to make him eat shit so that he would learn never to be comfortable being misinformed. It was fun as she did it and it was even better as he changed.

Lady Scarlet was not ok with the way in which this guy treated other people. He had been asked to change the way he did things and to stop mistreating others but he did not. When he did not stop, there was only one alternative of handling the issue and that was to shit on him, which is what she did promptly. The mistress forced the guy to eat shit and he never mistreated anyone again.

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