Scat Femdom Videos

Slaves dominated by shitting mistresses

Lady Luciana is a cruel scat mistress who abuses and humiliates her scat slave on top of making him eat her shit. She smacks him hard in the face and makes him lie down so she can shove her bare feet in his mouth. She has to shit so she shits right in his mouth filling it up with turds. She shocks him with a cattle prod so he will eat every bit of it.

Goddess Ryan is just about the sexiest thing around in her garter belt and fishnets with her beautiful naked ass hanging out. It's hard to believe that this pristine girl has a scat fetish. She shoves a dildo deep in her ass. She pulls it out and a huge pile of turds falls out of her sexy asshole. The scat coils up in the floor as she lies back with her legs spread.

This brunette scat goddess gets completely nude except for her sexy stockings and lies down on her stomach. Her masked slave comes in ready to eat her shit. He starts taking shit out from her asshole and putting it in his mouth. The shit start to fall out so he puts his mouth right up against her asshole so he can eat her turds as they are coming out.

Mistress Melissa is not the kind of girl you can scorn and get away with it. Her boyfriend just bought her this ring for Valentine's Day a month ago. Today, he promised that he would come see her and he didn't show up. She shows him what she thinks of his shitty ring by shitting on it. She puts it in a small tray and shits a pile of turds on top of it.

Dominating scat mistress Lady Milena makes her scat slave eat her shit and worship her feet at the same time. He has to lick all the dirt off of her high heels before he lies down to be her human toilet. She pulls her pants down and completely fills his mouth with thick turds. The turds fill his mouth and spill out so she pushes them in with her bare feet.

This is the first part of an extensive series of very cute scat queens who line up to shit in this scat slave's mouth while he is relaxing in a jacuzzi. The first girl is the gorgeous young scat princess Merica. She bends over with her sexy naked ass hanging over the edge of the hot tub. Her turds drop right into the slave's mouth and he can barely chew it.

This young girl knows that she is cute enough to get a guy to do anything for her. Her idea of a good boyfriend is one who lies down while she pisses and shits in his mouth. He lies under her toilet seat with his mouth right under her asshole. She pushes out a giant turd right into his mouth and it starts to cover his face. He better hurry up and chew.

You can only imagine the smell of this shit factory. They also specialize in piss. They have multiple girls shitting and pissing. The piss goes through tubes and is deposited in huge bowls of urine. Several girls lie in a row with their assholes in the air and shit out turds that are then made into scat pate. This factory is a scat fetishist's dream because of the accumulated female shit and piss.

Dominating scat queen Mistress Isabella stands over her submissive scat slave in black latex and knee high boots on. She makes him lie there humiliated while she squats down right over his mouth. Her sweet and tight asshole spreads open and a long turd is pushed out into the slave's mouth. He has to chew on the smelly turds because they are filling his mouth and covering his face.

Mistress Gaia's girlfriend was nice enough to cook her a nice meal, but the meal did not agree with her. It made her feel like she had to take a really messy shit. Mistress Gaia punishes her girlfriend by making her lie in the floor while she shits in her mouth. The nipples on her small tits are erect as the smelly and messy turds fall in her mouth and on her face.

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