Scat Femdom Videos

Slaves dominated by shitting mistresses

Mistress Isabella took a shit on this guy because he tried to take advantage of her. She pretended she was gullible and he felt that he would succeed in what he was doing. But in the end, she had the last laugh as she turned him into a human toilet and she made him eat her shit. She warned him never to do it to anyone else or she would not hesitate to torture him again.

Mistress Anna felt that this guy did not respect her and she resolved to make him respect her even if it was by force. As she plotted what to do to earn his respect, she chose to make him fear her instead of respecting her. She used her scat fetish to get that done. She fed him the poo and when he was done, she got him to drink her pee.

Mistress Alanna wanted to degrade these losers so she made them suck each other's cocks. The guys were degraded but she did not care. She wanted to dominate them and make sure they learned their lessons. When they were done sucking each other, she turned them into human toilets. She made them eat her shit and by the time she was done with them, she knew they would not mess with her again.

This mistress chose to shit on this guy to send a message to him and his friends. The mistresses were pissed at how he acted and they wanted to put an end to it all. The mistresses turned him into a human toilet and they degraded him. He got the message they were sending and his friends learned a lesson from him and they never did anything to piss the mistresses.

Mistress Roberta was so angry at her slave that she had to do something she had never done before. She took a shit on him and she forced him to eat it. She did not care how degrading it was. All she cared for was that he was punished. So she sat there and watched him eat the poo before she felt it was enough and chased him from her sight.

Mistress Karina has a great ass and this guy wanted to tap it. She did not think so but since she was bored and did not have anything better to do, she chose to have fun at his expense. She flirted with him and she got him to lick her ass and when he did, she surprised him by shitting on his face. She made him eat all of her shit.

Mistress Natalia was not going to let this loser mess with her. The mistress used her shit to teach him a lesson and it was a lesson she was sure he would not forget in a long time. She took a shit on him and she ensured he smeared the shit on himself. And mistress Natalia asked him to lick her asshole as she turned him into her human toilet.

Mistress Mystique does not take any nonsense from anyone and this guy found out the hard way as she crushed his head and his face with her ass. She has a sexy ass and she used it to take a shit on his face. She got the loser to lick her asshole and also eat her shit directly from her asshole. It was a lot of fun for her but not for him.

Lady Yuna had always wanted to try scat fetish. She had a chance to try it today on her man when he messed up. He had messed up so badly and she did not want to let him get away with it. She chose to use her shit to teach him a lesson. He wanted her to forgive him so he did not object too much when she took a shit on him.

This mistress loves to shit. Everybody shits but for her, it is an obsession and a love for the poo, not the biological process. She loves to examine her shit and correlate it with what she ate. She also loves to use it as punishment whenever she is pissed. Luckily for her slave, she was in a good mood today and she just played with the shit on her own.

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