Scat Femdom Videos

Slaves dominated by shitting mistresses

Mistress Karina was not happy that her slave concentrated on video games all day and he forgot the important chores he was supposed to handle. She shocked him when she turned him into a toilet slave and as he ate her shit, she played his video games and enjoyed herself at his expense. Needless to say, that behavior ended immediately as he did not want to experience any of that again.

Mistress Jardena was not satisfied with the way her landlord addressed her concerns. He was glad to take her money but not address any of her concerns. He gave her fake promises and she got fed up. So she used her shit to dominate him and to get him to learn his lesson. He was made to eat poo and by the time she was done with him, she was sure all of her concerns would be addressed.

Mistress Gaia had asked this guy to do some work for her but she did not like the end product. She was so pissed and she considered it a waste of her money if she gave it to him as his work was not value for her money. She felt that his work was shit and so his payment was also going to be shit. So she took a dump on him.

Lady Kimi's colleague was so nosy that he would leave his house to go to hers and then try to collect as much info about her as he could so that he could use it to gossip about her. She did not like that behavior and she cruelly took a shit on him and made him learn his lesson. He also drank her pee. Needless to say that behavior ended.

Lady Scarlet is the sort of person who likes to settle disputes in a way that favors her. She had a longstanding dispute with this loser and she used her scat fetish to settle it. The mistress did not care what happened to the guy but she was sure that by the time she was done with him, he would have no choice but to agree to the settling of the dispute and she was sure the terms would favor her.

Mistress Leah felt that she needed to try things that she had never done before. And that is why she chose to try human toilet shitting. She was fascinated by it and she chose to do it the way she wanted. The mistress went and got herself a loser and she cruelly facesat on the loser. He had to eat her shit and when she wiped her butt after pooping on him, she made him chew the toilet paper.

Mistress Anna knew this guy was a bad influence to her boyfriend and she wanted to send a warning to him so that he learned not to influence her boyfriend negatively. So she facesat on him and she made him eat her shit after she had tied him up. She did not care that he saw her naked. He was shocked and he avoided hanging out with mistress Anna's boyfriend as he did not want such treatment again.

This loser had done a shoddy job for mistress Mummy and she did not see the need to pay him any money. She felt that the best thing he deserved was to eat her shit and that is what she gave to him as payment. The mistress enjoyed dominating him and teaching him a lesson that she felt he needed to learn. And he never did a shoddy job ever again.

When this mistress realized that her boyfriend was not as responsible as she wanted him to be, she knew it was up to her to teach him how responsible she wanted him to be. So she used her shit to shock him and make him fear her as that way, he would be receptive to whatever it was that she wanted to tell him. And it happened that way and they lived happily ever after.

Mistress Kalira did not like the sort of things that she saw this guy do. And she knew that she had to put a stop to such nonsense. That is why she chose to dominate as well as humiliate him and she chose to do it with her scat fetish. The mistress fed him her scat and he learned his lesson the hard way and she got what she wanted.

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