Scat Femdom Videos

Slaves dominated by shitting mistresses

Mistress Jardena wanted to find a way to teach this guy to stop stalking and the best she could do was to make him eat her shit. She lured him to her house and he had no choice but to eat her shit as she made it clear to him that he would be in deeper shit than he already was if he did not eat the poo. He did.

Goddess Andova does not tolerate ill mannered employees even in places she is a customer. This guy was rude to her as he was attending to her and she did not let him off the hook. Goddess Andova made sure that she tracked him down and she punished him with her shit that he had to eat. And that is how he learned never to be rude to clients again.

Mistress April had an urgent assignment for this guy. It was very urgent and she had communicated to him about the urgency of it. But he had the audacity to get there late and her first order of business was to punish him. She did it with her shit which he had to eat before they could proceed with what they were doing. That is how he learned to keep time.

Lady Dominika was right and this guy was wrong but he was adamant that he was right and it pissed her off so much that she had to find a way to punish him. She did not want him to take advantage of her to mess up and so she used her shit to punish him and that is how he ate her poo and he learned his lesson cruelly.

Mistress Melania loves to play some cruel jokes but she had never done so to this slave. He had never given her a reason to do so but today he did when he messed up big time. He was shocked at what the mistress opted to do to him and he was forced to eat her shit when he asked for food. She told him that that was the only food available for him.

Mistress Mia asked this slave to stop being nosy but he did not listen to her and she had to make him learn not to be. She used her shit to do it because she did not want to talk to him again about it. The slave was shocked and he regretted why he had not stopped when she warned him. He learned his lesson the cruel way and stopped being nosy.

Mistress Anna wanted to make this guy eat her shit and she had to teach him how to eat it since she wanted him to eat it regularly. The mistress made him lie down and she forced him to eat her shit as she stood directly on top of him. He had to eat the shit as he had been ordered because he feared what she would do to him in the event that he refused.

Mistress Valentina did not directly shit on her slave but she did something which for all intents and purposes was the same. She shit on herself and then she asked her slave to clean her up. The mistress pretended that she could not do it by herself and her slave had to do the dirty work for her. It was fun watching how disgusted he was but yet doing it as well as he could.

Mistress Wael and her husband are a kinky couple. There is nothing too big or too small for them to do and today they had the idea of trying scat fetish. So they went to the bathroom because they knew it would be easier to clean up after that. So she took a shit on him as he ate her ass and when he was done, she used part of it to play with his duck and then sucked his dick which had shit.

Mistress Gaia is good at scat femdom but her friend is not. She wanted help from mistress Gaia on how to do it right and so she agreed to help. She asked her friend to come with a slave to be punished and she taught her friend how to shit on the slave and how to trample him with high heels. Her friend had to do both of those things before they were done with the slave.

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