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Slaves dominated by shitting mistresses

Mistress Mia found out that her boyfriend had fucked her friend. She had to get even with him and she planned to fuck his friend too. But she was not sure she would do it. In the meantime, she had to make him pay for what he had done. That is why she had him eat her shit and drink her urine. He had the shock of his life as he did so.

This slave was too noisy in everything he did and that pissed the mistress off. She did not want him to continue being noisy so she sat him down and talked to him. But he did not change. So she was left with no choice but to try a different method to make him learn to stay quiet. He was fed poop and he changed immediately as he never expected that he would be made to do that.

When this guy short changed this mistress, he did not expect the punishment to be as severe as it ended up being. He was forced to eat her shit as well as drink her pee. He never expected her to go to that extent but she did and he regretted it as he had brought it all on himself with what he did. He apologized profusely before she stopped shitting on him.

Mistress Anna's sister had begged her to punish her boyfriend. He had run amok and she needed to reign him in. And she had tried but could not so she went to mistress Anna for help. She told her that her methods were crude but she agreed to let her do her thing. So she shit on him while her sister looked on. The punishment worked and he changed as she wanted.

This man had it coming. He had been on mistress Gaia's case for a long time and she felt that she had to punish him. The mistress made the guy eat her poo and he was shocked at the extent in which she was willing to go to achieve her aim. He ate her poo as he did not want to find out what she would do to him if he did not.

This mistress had a new associate but he was indecisive and she did not like that about him. He was not a good fit for his role on account of that but he had already gotten that position and she wanted to give him another chance instead of firing him. So she scared him with poo which he had to eat for him to get out of his indecisiveness and do things as well as she expected.

Mistress Zephy recorded a video of her shitting. She is good at video editing so she edited it until no one could ever tell that it was her in that video. Then she made sure to send it anonymously to him. He was excited as he opened it only to find that it was a video of poop telling him that he was full of shit and needed to be fed poo.

This guy was only interested in this mistress' big boobs and nothing else. She did not like that as he was lazy and he only worked hard when she used her tits to tease him. It was not sustainable and she had to find a better way to deal with him. So she gave him a taste of her shit and that is how he stopped being a lazy asshole.

This guy stalked this mistress online and when she noticed, she asked him to stop but he did not. In fact, he doubled his efforts and that infuriated her even more. She did not like that and had to put an end to it. Since he did not see the sense of what she told him, he had to see the one of what she did to him. And that was making him eat poo.

Princess Nikki and her friends were snitched on by this girl. Mistress Medea and mistress Madison suggested that they hunt down the snitch and princess Nikki agreed. They hunted him down and when they found out that it was this guy, he was forced to eat shit as a reward for his snitching. They told him they could not wait for his next snitching so that they could see what to do to him. He never snitched again.

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