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Mistress Mia entered a scat competition for the sake of it and she won easily. The mistress won because she has a sexy ass and body, she was natural and she is did it effortlessly. The mistress had her slave eat her shit with minimal coercion and she looked on top of her game. She also managed to tease the judges with her sexy lingerie and with what she did to the slave.

Mistress Mia found out that this guy was behind a smear campaign against her. She wondered why it was happening but she knew she could not tolerate that nonsense. So she had to put an end to it and she did so by turning the guy into a human toilet and forcing him to eat her shit as well as drink her urine. The guy never tried that nonsense on someone else.

Mistress Mia turned this guy into a warning tool for those who had thoughts of pissing her off. The mistress did not go easy on him as she ensured that he was degraded by being made to eat shit as well as to drink pee. The guy wished he had never messed with her but it was too late and he had to eat the shit so that others learned from him.

Mistress Mia is a no nonsense person and she knew that her new slave would make lots of mistakes. So she trained him on how to eat her shit because that was her main mode of punishment. She wanted him to know it so that any time he pissed her off, he would have to eat poo without any questions asked. And he had no choice but to do it.

This thief expected to be beaten, slapped or even reported to the authorities. But mistress Mia did the unthinkable. She used her shit to torture and dominate him. She ensured that he ate her shit and that he also drank her urine before she chased him from her house and did not take any further action against him. He stopped stealing as he did not want to face such again.

Mistress Mia had given this designer some work to do in her house but he did not do it according to plan and she felt that the results were disastrous. She was so pissed and disappointed that she expressed her disgust by shitting on the guy and forcing him to eat her shit and drink her urine. She smeared it on his face and let him stay that way for a few hours.

Mistress Mia did not like how jealous this guy was of her. He wanted to achieve what she had achieved through sheer luck through dubious means and she did not want to see all her hard work go down the drain because of the jealousness of this guy. So she put an end to it by shitting on him. He learned that she was not going to sit back and watch him spoil what she built with sweat and tears.

Mistress Mia had an issue with her ex and she knew the best way to deal with him so that he stopped doing what he did was to make him eat her poo. So she invited him to her house and he thought that she wanted them to be freaky like the good old days but it did not happen. Instead, he was made to eat her shit and drink her pee.

Mistress Mia felt that she had to shit on this guy and she did so using her diarrhea. She had a stomach upset and she credited it to this guy. She felt that he had caused it and for that, he had to be punished. The best way for him to be punished was for him to eat her shit and he had no choice but to share in her misery.

Mistress Mia took her shit and she smeared it all over her ass. She asked her slave to lick it and he did so in the tub. She wanted the tub because after he was done licking her shit and being degraded, she had to clean up and being in the tub was the easiest way to do it. But before that, he was slapped and made to lick it all.

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