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When this nurse was rude to mistress Wael, she did not make a big deal out of it. She waited for him to go home and she punished him there. She did it at his own house so that he learned that he could not treat people the way he had done to her. The mistress made him eat her shit and it did the trick. He was never rude to anyone else after that.

Mistress Wael was sure that her slave was not going to let her have an easy time trampling and torturing him. That is why she opted to torture him with her shit after she had tied him up. Once she knew he was immobile, she knew it was time for her to do her thing and she did it in a cruel way and he regretted what went down. He wished things were different but they were not.

Mistress Wael was shocked to learn that her slave had been spying on her and feeding her neighbor with certain information. She was angry and wondered why the hell she was living with a saboteur. So she made him eat her shit and then chased him off to her neighbor's house because they belonged together and she did not want such a person in her house. He regretted it but it was too late.

This guy was too elusive for mistress Wael and since she wanted to keep him accountable, she had to find a way to dominate him and humiliate him. She felt that he to understand that he was accountable to her and hence she punished him to make him understand that. The punishment involved shitting on him and then watching as he struggled to eat it. He had no choice but to do it.

Mistress Wael despised this guy and she wanted to shit on him to dominate and degrade him. The mistress used an improvised toilet to shit on him because she knew he would not cooperate with her. Mistress Wael crushed the guy's nuts apart from shitting on him and by the time she was done with him, she was sure that he would not mess with her again. He never did.

Mistress Wael wanted to deal with people she could depend on. She felt that this guy was unreliable and so she could not depend on him. To send him a message and get him to change that behavior, the mistress chose to make the guy eat her shit. It was a cruel message as the guy never anticipated such a thing happening to him. He thought he was dreaming but he was not.

Mistress Wael found out that her junior was trying to take over from her and that was why he was insubordinate to her. She was so pissed at him that she had to humiliate him. She ensured that he was put in his place and that he would never try to sabotage her again. This she did by shitting on him. It degraded him and showed him a side of her he never knew existed.

Mistress Wael realized that this guy had no capacity to pay his debt to her and so she used her shit to punish him. She made sure that he learned his lesson the hard way so that he would not borrow what he could not pay back. She then made him eat her shit and drink her urine before she forgave his debt. She had punished him but she had also helped him.

Mistress Wael felt that this guy was unreliable and she had to do something about it. The mistress chose to use her shit to correct that character flaw and she did it without thinking twice. She ensured that he was not only embarrassed and humiliated, but he also learned his lesson and that he would not do it again as he knew what she was capable of doing to him.

Mistress Wael found out that this guy was a hacker and he had attempted to hack her. He was just starting out so he was not perfect at it and that is how she was able to catch him. She used her shit to degrade him and to make him regret the nonsense he did and to have him promise never to do any of that shit to her. He learned his lesson.

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