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Lady Bella needed to scare this guy and she felt that her shit was the best thing to do to him. The mistress had the guy watch as she took a shit and then she forced him to eat her poo. He could not believe what she asked him to do and what she made him do. That is how he learned to fear her and obey her at all times.

Lady Bella has been saving up her nasty and stinky shit all day long and now it's finally time to let it all leave her body and enter into the mouth of waiting slave. she gets him down onto his back with his head inside her toilet seat and plants her ass firmly over it. Them she lets the shit stream from her tight little asshole in a long, wet log that slowly fills his mouth completely. He is unable to breathe or speak until he opens up his throat and swallows down the entire slimy mess while she watches.

Bella is a hot mistress. She likes being picked by guys at the club and then going home with them. She tells them to lick her pussy and ends up shitting on them

Bella caught her boyfriend cheating and she punished him severely. She made him open his mouth and she pooped into it and made her swallow it

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