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This slave had betrayed mistress Fire and madame Ellen. They had to punish him in style and they wanted the punishment to be commensurate with the mistake he had made. The mistresses improvised a toilet and had him as the toilet bowl. They sat on the toilet seat and took a dump directly into his mouth and he had to eat it all. He was glad they peed on him as it made eating the poo easier.

This employee was untrustworthy and he regretted it today when madame Ellen used her shit to punish him for being untrustworthy. He wished he had never done anything to anger her but it was already water under the bridge and he had to beg for mercy and hope to retain his job. The guy did not as the mistress fired him immediately she was done with him. He changed immediately.

Madame Ellen did not like the fact that this guy was a pain in the ass for her. He had to learn that she would not tolerate such things from her and so she had to find a way to torture as well as to dominate him. That is why she chose to shit on him for what he had done. And that is how he learned his lesson the hard way.

Madame Ellen wanted to shit on this loser in order to pass a message. That is why the mistress went ahead to turn the guy into a human toilet and she made him eat her poo. The mistress told him that if he did not change, he would have himself to blame for what would happen to him. And that is how he changed because he did not want a repeat of what happened to him.

Madame Ellen wanted to show her boss that she was not willing to endure humiliation at the expense of a job. So she got back at him and she did it in style. She did it for the co-workers who were too afraid to speak up or stand up for themselves. And she made him eat her shit and also made him jerk off and eat his own cum. Then she asked him to fire her. He did not.

Madame Ellen was expecting her boyfriend to do what they had agreed to do at the end of the month but he did. On the other hand, she had done what she was to do. When she asked him why he had done his part, she found out he had squandered his money on nonsensical things. Her anger led her to whip his naked butt and made him eat shit.

Madame Ellen learned that this company employee was corrupt and she took instant action on him. The mistress whipped him while he was naked and she used a serrated device to rub his balls and asshole. She then took a shit on him and from his treatment, he learned that he had no choice but to turn over a new leaf. Otherwise, she promised worse punishments if he did not stop being corrupt.

This guy was sent to madame Ellen to collect a debt that she owed a guy. She felt that it was disrespectful for him to send a debt collector to her house. She sent the guy back after she had humiliated him. She took a shit on the guy and she forced him to eat her poo and smear it on his face before taking photos and sending them to the guy who sent him.

Madame Ellen had given this guy an assignment but he did not do it as well as she had asked him to do it. She had high standards and he did not meet them. So he had to be punished and she did so using her shit. He was turned into a human toilet and she forced him to eat her poo. He could not say no and regretted not doing the work perfectly.

Madame Ellen wanted to find out whether this guy could be distracted from what he was doing. She promised him a reward if he was able to concentrate and jerk off no matter what happened. So she took as hit on him as he started masturbating and she had a great time watching him do what she wanted. He kept his eye on the prize so that even as he ate her shit, he still jerked off until he came.

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