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This male socialite thought that he could just do whatever he wanted and get away with it because he was famous. Mistress Gaia was angered by his attitude and by how he made some not so nice remarks about her which were all false. She stood up for herself by shitting on him and she ensured he ate all of her shit and that she caught it all on tape.

Madam Tulpan did not like this guy and she had to show him how much she despised him. The best way for her to do that in her opinion was to shit on him and then have him lick the shit like it was ice cream. It did not take her long to do that after she had stripped him naked. He was scared shitless and he licked the shit like instructed.

Mistress Melania had to teach this guy a lesson because he was a deceptive person. She felt that he had to lose that habit and that is why she used her scat fetish to punish him. The guy cried at what she did to him and she knew that he had learned and that he would not be repeating the mistake he had made any time soon. He did not.

Madam Tulpan had a disagreement with her slave and she used that chance to punish him. She did not like how he disagreed with her and she felt that the best way for her to punish him was to shit on him. She also had her pee ready and her high heels to add on to the punishment. Lastly, he had to lick her asshole clean and was her human toilet paper.

Mistress Anna and her friend had beef with this slave and they solved it by whipping him. But they did not think it was enough deterrent for him so they made him eat shit for good measure. The mistresses were satisfied with their punishment after they were done shitting on him. And he ensured he never had beef with them again as he knew what they could do to him.

Mistress Mia entered a scat competition for the sake of it and she won easily. The mistress won because she has a sexy ass and body, she was natural and she is did it effortlessly. The mistress had her slave eat her shit with minimal coercion and she looked on top of her game. She also managed to tease the judges with her sexy lingerie and with what she did to the slave.

Mistress Iside could no longer tolerate her slave. She had thought his behavior would change with time but it did not and she had to think of something else to do to him to make him stop being unruly. She settled on scat femdom after thinking of different alternatives. And that is how she managed to get what she wanted by shitting on him and making him eat all of her poo.

This mistress asked her slave to eat shit but he did not do it. He delayed and tried to distract her. She got fed up and she had to make sure he realized she did not have the entire day to keep asking him to eat her shit. So the mistress smeared it on his face and inserted it into his mouth. She forced him to eat it and finish it all.

This guy misquoted this mistress and he went ahead to spread the misinformation. The mistress knew that he knew what she had said but he was deliberately misquoting her. So she had to put the record straight and she did it by shitting on him. He had to endure the humiliation of being made to eat shit and that is when he opted to stop the misinformation so as to avoid pissing her off.

Mistress Wael despised this guy and she wanted to shit on him to dominate and degrade him. The mistress used an improvised toilet to shit on him because she knew he would not cooperate with her. Mistress Wael crushed the guy's nuts apart from shitting on him and by the time she was done with him, she was sure that he would not mess with her again. He never did.

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