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Other girls like to be licked in the pussy. Not Messalina. She loves and gets aroused when she's licked in the asshole

It was either this slave agree to be degraded by licking and swallowing the mistress's shit or he was to be brutally and painfully tortured. He chose to be degraded

Isabella is a bully who likes manhandling and humiliating losers. She likes to have them clean her ass after she had used them as her human toilet. She never bothers to use the toilet. They are her toilet

Sandra was paid handsomely to punish this loser. So she did it slowly, severely and to the extreme. She fed the slave poop and piss. She caged him and degraded him to the max

These dominas are new to scat fetishes. But they are up to the task. They are preparing the domination and humiliation tools which they will use to degrade their slaves with

This guy broke up with Bianca's friend. Bianca and her friend took him and punished him extremely. They made him lie down and diarrhoead on him and smeared it all over his face and body

These 4 girls wanted to humiliate a guy who cheated on their friend. They took him and used him as a human toilet. They pooped on him and made him eat the shit

Alexa loves showing off her lingerie and getting a guy she's with try to lick her from behind then she poops on him or farts on him

Bianka and her friend Delunatic wanted to torture this loser. They took turns spitting on her and shitting on her without caring for his dignity or health

This mistress is cruel and sadistic. She thrives on the misery of others. She wanted to make poop pudding for her slave and she pooped on a container and used it to make the pudding which her slaves had to eat and finish.

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