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Mistress Alice knows that she had to deal with this loudmouthed employee and she did not hesitate to do it. The mistress knew that the best way to deal with the guy was to make sure he ate her shit and that he realized she was not messing around. After he feared her, he would never piss her off as he would be scared of what she could do to him. It worked as planned.

This mistress wanted her slave to eat her shit and so she made him eat her poop from a plate she had taken a shit in. Thereafter, she facesat on him and he had to lick her asshole clean because she was using him as her human toilet paper. She was not worried about him because she knew he could handle it despite it being a humiliating and degrading thing.

Madam Tulpan had diarrhea which she knew came as a result of the food that her slave had prepared for her. As she had a stomach and eventually diarrhea, she did not want to suffer alone. So she had to share her misery with her slave and that is why she chose to shit on him. And he had to eat the shit and when he was done, he had to clean up.

Goddess Andova wanted to do something to this slave that he would not forget in a long time. That is why she chose to shit on him and fill his mouth with her poo. The mistress made sure that the guy swallowed all of the shit she had put him his mouth and when he was done, she had him drink her pee. Thereafter, the mistress chased him from her house.

Mistress Medea wanted to shit on this guy but she first of all had to turn him on and she did. The mistress enjoyed turning him on and she knew that he had swallowed the bait hook, line and sinker. The mistress then went ahead to shit on him which caught him by surprise. He cried and wished she did not have to do it but it was too late.

Mistress Anna was in such a bad mood and when this guy pissed her, she took out her anger on him. He had no choice but to do as she wanted because he knew he had no alternative. When the mistress' anger subsided she came to her senses and she let him go. The mistress even apologized as she knew that he did not deserve what she did to him.

Mistress Wael was shocked to realize that this janitor liked to record her whenever she was going to the toilet and as a result, she felt that she had to punish him. That was not a good thing from him and he had to be punished. She did not want him to lose his job so she did not report him to the authorities. Instead, she made him eat her shit as punishment.

This guy has a tiny dick and he wanted to have fun with mistress Gaia. But the mistress was not interested in it and she chose to make him eat her poo instead. The mistress then had him eat her poo while he jerked off. She was gracious enough to let him check out her sexy big tits and use them as visual stimulation for him to jerk off as required.

Lady Angie was interested in dominating this guy and she did it without caring what he felt. The guy was asked to eat her shit from his hands in which she had taken a dump. She turned his hands into a human toilet and he could not afford to remove them for the poo to fall down. So he caught it and then ate all of it from his own hands.

This mistress had tried to use dialogue to solve an issue but she did not manage to do it. It proved cumbersome and she had to think outside the box. The mistress went out of her way to make this guy eat her poo and when he was done, he was able to see things more clearly and to end the problem by conceding that he was wrong and apologizing.

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