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When this mistress realized that her boyfriend was not as responsible as she wanted him to be, she knew it was up to her to teach him how responsible she wanted him to be. So she used her shit to shock him and make him fear her as that way, he would be receptive to whatever it was that she wanted to tell him. And it happened that way and they lived happily ever after.

This guy thought that these mistresses were desperate and he tried to take advantage of them and that is what he assumed. The mistresses turned him into a human toilet and he had no choice but to eat their shit as well as drink their pee. That was the cruelest punishment he had ever received and he learned his lesson and did not try to take advantage of anyone ever again.

When her boyfriend pissed her off by sexting other women, mistress Gaia caged him and after while, she made him eat her poo. She wanted him to learn that cheating on her had consequences and if he wanted to try her, he was welcome to. He was tied with his hands to his back and he could not even help himself do anything. He realized it did not help to cheat on her.

Lady Scarlet wanted this guy to shut up about what he had seen. She did not want anyone else to know. And that is why she chose to shit on him and she did it as cruelly as she could manage to. He was made to eat her shit and he could not believe that he was the one being turned into a human toilet. He saw a new side of her he had never seen before.

Mistress Jardena wanted this slave to learn a lesson. She came across as a soft spoken girl who cannot hurt a fly. But when he pissed her off and tried to take advantage of her good nature, the mistress did not let him succeed. She made him regret what he had done by shitting on him and forcing him to eat her shit. He also drank her pee as well.

Lady Luci and lady Domi had a disgusting slave. They had pointed out what he needed to change as well as told him what he needed to change but he did not take them seriously so he did not change. Without many options left to punish him, he was made to eat their shit and that is what was a wake-up call for him and prompted him to change his ways.

Princess Araya is the sort of person who likes to do crazy things. And today was no exception, She wanted to teach this guy a thing or two about scat fetish seeing as he had pissed her off and was in need of being dominated and humiliated. She took him to the toilet and she made him open his hands for him to shit into. Then she made him smear his face the shit on his hand.

Mistress Gaia did not like how negative this guy was. He needed to be tamed as it occurred to her that he had never been told that what he did was wrong. So she used her scat fetish to teach him a lesson. His face was turned into a toilet and she took a dump on his face. Next, he was asked to eat the poo and he learned his lesson.

This mistress was angered by what she had seen from this guy. The guy was rude and the mistress knew she could not stomach any of what he had done. So she used her shit to put an end to his bad behavior of rudeness. She shocked him by turning him into a human toilet and pooping into his mouth and also on his face. He was never rude again.

Mistress Anna had often asked her neighbor to stop being nosy but he did not stop. She felt that she had to find a way to tame him so she came up with the idea of making him eat her shit. So she waited until he was nosy again before she did it. It did not take long. A day later, he was nosy and she got the chance to feed him shit. Needless to say, he was never nosy again.

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