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Mistress Madison and her friends are not as evil as the other mistresses. They wanted to try scat femdom but they did not want to do it at the expense of someone who did not deserve to be made to eat poo. So they paid this guy instead and had him eat their shit. He did it because he needed the money and the women were also hot. So he got to check out their asses and pussies.

Mistress Tulip had an employee she did not trust. He did his work well but she did not want him to let her down by betraying her. So she told him she would be there for him but just as an insurance policy and to show him what she was capable of, she made him eat her shit. He was shocked as he ate her poo but he got the message.

This slave was too loud for this mistress and she had to do something to him. She sat down and thought about it and she settled on shitting on him. The mistress did not want to dwell on the same issue for a lot of time and she wanted a punishment that would do the trick once and for all. That is why she settled on scat femdom and she used it to make him learn not to be loud.

Mistress Vivian was facesitting her slave and having him lick her pussy. But he was not good at it and she was disappointed at what he did. So she went ahead to punish him. First of all she fingered herself in the ass and he loved what he saw. He was turned on but it was a plot to humiliate him and in no time, she pooped on him and shocked him.

Madam Tulpan had diarrhea because of the food she had eaten. The food was prepared by this chef and she accused him of being behind her diarrhea. She wondered whether he wanted to poison her and she was not pleased about it. So she used her shit to punish him. The chef had to eat her diarrhea and she did not care whether he got sick after eating her poop.

Madam Tulpan had never been with someone who was so poor in bed that he nearly made her vomit. Her pussy dried up completely and she regretted why she had let him smash. He had everything going for him until they got to bed. She wanted to forget him and at the same time make him improve his sex skills and she did both of these using scat femdom whereby she made him eat her poo.

Mistress Gaia did not want to leave her husband but she knew she could not tolerate the fact that he was unreliable. So she had to send a message in a format he would understand as she had tried to talk to him and make him understand that she did not like his unreliability but he did not change. He did after she turned him into a human toilet and had him eat her shit.

Mistress Jardena wanted her understudy to change his behavior but he did not and she was so pissed at him to the extent that she had to force him to eat her shit. The mistress had no choice but to do it as he had not taken any initiative to change the way she had asked him to. That is why she had to torture him with her shit. He changed.

Mistress Mia did not know this guy but he had gone out to spread rumors that she was in a relationship with him when in fact she had never even seen him and did not know whether he existed up until he made those false allegations. So she punished him by shitting on him so that he would stop making the false claims. He had to own to what he had done.

Princess Nikki had gone for a massage from this guy and she had hoped to get professional services. The guy massaged her well and professionally and when he was about to finish, he started caressing her ass and moving his hand towards her tits and her clit. She realized what he was doing and she knew it was not ok and she turned on him and punished him by shitting on him.

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