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This black mistress had a problem with this tranny slave. She could not let her go without teaching her a lesson. She tortured the tranny by forcing her to eat her shit. The tranny had no choice but to eat her shit and drink her pee. When it became hard for her to eat the shit, the mistress fed it to her using a spoon and she had to eat it all.

Mistress Rosella is experienced in slave punishment. Her friend lady Luciana wanted to gain those skills too so she asked mistress Rosella to teach her. She agreed to teach Luciana and they found a slave to use. They humiliated him for fun and mistress Rosella showed her how to shit and pee on the slave as punishment. She also showed her friend how to choke a slave by facesitting on him.

Mistress Dark Phoenyx was not happy to learn that her slave brought people into her house when she was not around. He did not even ask for permission. He would act as if it was his house and she did not like that. She turned him into a human toilet so as to remind him of his place in that house. She had him eat shit and drink pee and it taught him what he needed to be taught.

Mistress Naomi was angry that her slave had lied to her. She could not stand the lies and she had to do something about it. She forced the slave to lie down and she turned him into her human toilet. She had him eat her shit and swallow it. She then had him drink her pee and use it to wash down the shit. He learned his lesson never to lie to her.

This German mistress loves having all sorts of fun. Today she wanted to try a different kind of fun. She wanted to try scat femdom and she also wanted to try using a strapon. So she combined both of them and she had fun at the expense of this loser. She had him lie down and she facesat on him then took a shit on him. She also wore her strapon and she used it to fuck him in the ass.

Mistress Michelle and her friends lady Lara and lady Marie wanted to teach this guy a cruel lesson. He was hired to destroy their plans and they had caught him just before he succeeded. The mistresses caught him and they punished him cruelly. He was forced to eat their shit and endure the pain of their high heel trampling. He had no choice but to do as he was instructed.

Mistress Janet has a great ass and she loves to use it to have fun all the time. She teases guys in it and then she makes guys do what she wants. Today she felt like having her ass licked and she had a guy do it. As she was having her ass licked, she also felt like shitting and she had an idea of having the guy eat her shit. She made him do it and he did.

This mistress wanted to find out why her employee had not met his targets. She did not want to pay a loser who could not bring in any sales. So she punished him and she did it as cruelly as she could. She forced him to drink her pee and for the ultimate punishment, she had the poor guy eat her shit. She took a dump on his face and it was degrading.

Lady Johanna Syrkay wanted this guy to do her a favor. It was very important for her and she pleaded with him to do it. She was desperate enough that she even begged. But he sensed her desperation and he tried to take advantage of it. He wanted to fuck her. She was so pissed at what he tried to do that she forced him to do what she wanted by shitting on him and making him do it.

Mistress Adelina Frau loves to shit on guys for fun and she does it any chance she gets. She is one of the few mistresses who do it for fun and not as a way to control or punish someone. She has no message to send to guys so she just has fun at their expense since they are gullible. She loves how they wake away in shame after she has made them do something they never imagined they would ever do.

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