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This guy loved shit and he was infatuated with mistress Gaia. He knew she was out of his league so he told her he wanted to eat her shit and that he had dreamed of it for long. She was shocked at what he said but the curious part of her took over and she wanted to see if he would really do it. And she had even more questions as he ate her shit.

Lady Scarlet is the sort of mistress you do not want to piss off if you can help it. This loser did and he had to learn his lesson the hard way. The mistress turned him into a human toilet and he had to eat her shit as well as drink her pee. There was no escaping the punishment and that is why the mistress felt good about punishing him.

This mistress had a problem with a stingy partner. She had thought that she could charm her way to his wallet but she found out it was not as easy as she had made it look. She became pissed at him for not changing and she had to punish him. And that is why she opted to make him eat her shit and smeared it all over his face before she let him go.

Mistress Gaia had taken a shit on her slave and she did it on his stomach. But she wanted the shit on his face. So she used her boots to smear it on his face. He had no choice but to let her do her thing on his face. He tried to plead with her to stop but she did not. And she told him he had brought it on himself.

Lady Lucy did not like how inconsiderate her boyfriend was. She had tried her best to change him and make him considerate but she did not succeed. So she chose to punish him so that he knew there were consequences to his actions. And that is when she chose to shit on him. He had never been as degraded as she made him. And that is what prompted him to change.

Mistress Leah was fed up with her friend as he was a backbiter. She did not want to put up with him anymore. So when he came to her house and acted all concerned about her and yet she knew his real intentions, she could not take it anymore and she took a shit on him and she made him eat her poo and drink her pee before chasing him from her house.

Madame Ellen wanted to show her boss that she was not willing to endure humiliation at the expense of a job. So she got back at him and she did it in style. She did it for the co-workers who were too afraid to speak up or stand up for themselves. And she made him eat her shit and also made him jerk off and eat his own cum. Then she asked him to fire her. He did not.

Mistress Karina was not happy that her slave concentrated on video games all day and he forgot the important chores he was supposed to handle. She shocked him when she turned him into a toilet slave and as he ate her shit, she played his video games and enjoyed herself at his expense. Needless to say, that behavior ended immediately as he did not want to experience any of that again.

Mistress Gaia had asked this guy to do some work for her but she did not like the end product. She was so pissed and she considered it a waste of her money if she gave it to him as his work was not value for her money. She felt that his work was shit and so his payment was also going to be shit. So she took a dump on him.

Mistress Leah felt that she needed to try things that she had never done before. And that is why she chose to try human toilet shitting. She was fascinated by it and she chose to do it the way she wanted. The mistress went and got herself a loser and she cruelly facesat on the loser. He had to eat her shit and when she wiped her butt after pooping on him, she made him chew the toilet paper.

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